Day One

Day one=huge success. We visited the lotus temple, which was magnificent.

Not only was the architecture admirable, but the purpose behind the place of worship was inspiring. Lotuses are known for growing in murky water, symbolizing their ability to bring beauty and life in an otherwise yucky environment.

The temple is non-demoninational, and there are no services or sermons preached there, as to allow all faiths to pray among one another in a secure, serene place.

I also really enjoyed meeting the girls who will be hosting us for this week. They are all so friendly, and I’ve connected with them much more easily than I anticipated. They are really just like us, and I find familiarity in their young, collegiate outlooks and perspectives.

All the food was great…nothing like spicy nan to bond the group. And the cherry on top of the day was the rickshaw ride home from dinner.

It’s been a long, busy day of wide eyes, smiles and head bobbles. I’m off to bed!