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Hello! This page contains some facts and background info about me, your humble author.

I’m a sophomore here at OWU. I’m from Aurora, Colorado but I was born in Edina, Minnesota. I lived in Tennessee for a few years as well. I’m the oldest of three children and come from a very supportive, loving family. Cory, my sister, is a senior in high school and Cole, my brother, is a freshman! We are very close and some of their commentary may end up on this blog. I also have two dogs, Dodger and Roane. They are some of the best looking mutts around.

Here at OWU I play varsity field hockey and am involved in Athletes in Action, P.H.A.T (Peer Health Advocate Team), O.W.A.C (Ohio Wesleyan Athletic Council), Neurds Club (Neuroscience), Pet Pals, and Circle K. I’m an officer for the some of those clubs and enjoy the activities we do nearly as much as the people I’ve met through them.

I’m a rather short individual and I have a habit of forgetting that.  I play three instruments but don’t sing very well. I drink coffee AND tea, and am highly competitive. My favorite colors are blue and green, I love mermaids and am loyal to a fault. Laughing, reading and writing, movies, dancing, sports, and music are some of my greatest passions. I believe in trying everything once and pursuing what you love, no matter what.

This blog was created so that I would be able to share my adventures here at OWU with all of you out there, whether you’re alumni or prospective students or students who currently go here or people just wanting to hear about the life of a young woman in college. It is for all of you, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions or leave any comments! If there is every anything specific that you want to know about or aren’t sure on, let me know so I can help.

I hope you enjoy this blog! :)


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  1. Karson, I just found this blog and I think it’s a really neat idea. Hope you’re enjoying your break! See you around OWU.

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