Celebration of Scholarship Honors Faculty and Student Research

Last week’s Celebration of Scholarship yielded an impressive turnout from both students and faculty, despite the weather’s best efforts to keep us all indoors. Equally impressive was the sheer volume of faculty publications on display from a range of disciplines. Director of Libraries Cathi Cardwell individually acknowledged all faculty members who contributed their work for the event (it was a long list).

Congratulations are also in order to those students who submitted papers for the 2013 Library Research Award. The judges were sincerely impressed by the caliber of the work demonstrated in these projects. Ultimately, though, there had to be a winner. Kassel Galaty was awarded first place for her paper titled “The Infected Man Has Been Althogether Lost Sight Of”: Dr. William Budd, the Importance of Epidemiology, and the Propagation of Germ Theory. Megan Cook took second place with her paper titled Physiological and Psychosocial Effects of the Inclusiveness of Physicians’ Language on Heterosexual and Queer College Women.

Lastly, three new READ posters were unveiled during the event. Faculty members honored with posters this year were Michael Flamm, Nancy Gamso, and Danielle Hamill.

Photos from the event are available in the library’s Flickr stream.

Faculty members honored for their scholarship during the 2013 Celebration of Scholarship.

Faculty members honored for their scholarship during the 2013 Celebration of Scholarship. Photo credit: John Holliger

Students who submitted papers for the 2013 Library Research Award

Students who submitted papers for the 2013 Library Research Award. Photo credit: John Holliger


Rickey-Robinson Connection Highlighted in Local Exhibit

As part of the citywide celebration of the premiere of the new film “42,” Delaware’s City Art Center is featuring an exhibit entitled Play Ball! Branch Rickey & Jackie Robinson. Play Ball! includes Rickey-related materials from the OWU Historical Collection, as well as baseball-themed photographs by David Levinthal and Jim Dow. The exhibit will be on display through April 27, and admission is free.

The City Art Center is located at 22 E. Winter Street. For more information, visit City Art Center’s website.

Athletic Director Branch Rickey, 1907 Le Bijou

Celebration of Scholarship: April 24th


Each year, the Libraries honor faculty, staff, and student scholarship on campus at an event called the Celebration of Scholarship. Join us on April 24th from noon to 1pm as we recognize all faculty and staff who have published a book or article, created a music score or sound recording, exhibited art work, or produced a play with an imprint date from the previous year. Also at this reception, we will announce the student winner of the $500 Libraries Research Award.

If you’re a senior, and you have a research paper you’d like to submit for the 2013 Libraries Research Award, you still have time! The deadline is April 8th at 5pm. See the award announcement for submission details.

OWU Libraries Digitize The Transcript

With support from a 2010 Mellon Next Generation Library Grant, OWU Libraries have digitized copies of OWU’s student newspaper The Transcript dating back to 1874. Copies are publicly available and searchable online in the Transcript archives.

The development of the Transcript archives follows several digitization projects in which faculty, students, and librarians collaborated to create and showcase their unique scholarly contributions. The historical value of these digitized pages to student and faculty research, and to the broader Delaware, Ohio community, is illustrated in a recent article published in Connect2 OWU. Here are a few fun highlights from the collection.

Illustration from 1913 Transcript 1946 Cigarette Ad Featuring Ted Williams Hall and Oates Make the Front Page in a 1975 Issue of The Transcript

OWU Libraries 2013 Research Award

The Ohio Wesleyan University Libraries Research Award ($500) values research and honors a paper that demonstrates full and complete use of a critical research process. In their submission materials, students will need to describe their search strategy and show appropriate database selection as well as use of diverse library resources in multiple formats. The submitted paper must be an original work of scholarship completed by a student in response to regularly assigned OWU coursework, OWU internship, or summer research opportunity.

Photos from the 2012 Celebration of Scholarship

Photos from the 2012 Celebration of Scholarship

Award: $500

Date & Time of Award: To be presented at the OWU Libraries Celebration of Scholarship on Wednesday, April 24, 2013. Noon to 1:00 pm.

Deadline for Submission: The paper and supporting documents must be turned in to the OWU Libraries Administrative Office in Beeghly Library by Monday, April 8 at 5 pm. The winning paper will become a permanent addition to the Ohio Wesleyan University Historical Archives.

Eligibility for Award: The award will be given to a graduating senior for a research paper produced at any time during his/her career at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Criteria for Assessment: A panel of judges will consult the Criteria for Assessment. The criteria emphasize the research process, the use of diverse and appropriate information resources, and appropriate disciplinary style.

Submission Guidelines: Only one paper per student may be submitted. Each paper will be submitted as a packet which will include:

  • Completed Research Process Questionnaire
  • Submission Form signed by the professor who worked with the student during the production of the paper.
  • Paper, 10 pages minimum excluding front and back matter and appendices; printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, pages numbered; using 12 point font.

Incomplete packets will not be accepted.

Panel of Judges: A panel of judges consisting of librarians and faculty representing the major academic disciplines (social sciences, the sciences, the humanities, and fine arts) and the Writing Center will determine the winner.

Richard Edwards—Fine Arts
Sally Livingston—Humanities

David Markwardt—Science
Alper Yalcinkaya—Social Sciences
Peter Szabo—Fine Arts
Jillian Maruskin—Humanities
Deb Peoples—Science
Ben Daigle—Social Sciences
James Stull—Writing Center Coordinator
Catherine Cardwell
—Ex Officio

Contact Information: Contact Catherine Cardwell, OWU Director of Libraries with  questions. Cathi can be reached by email at cacardwe@owu.edu or by phone at 740-368-3246.

Signs and Flyers in the Library

As you may know, Beeghly Library is a popular place to hang flyers and signs for events and other happenings on campus. However you may not know that Beeghly also has certain guidelines it must follow regarding the placement of signs and other advertising materials. Below you will find a list of preferred and designated spots for you to hang and display these items as well as a few other guidelines to help ensure your message will be seen by library visitors.

  • Designated places for hanging signs are: 1) the bulletin board in the entrance area of the library, 2) the bulletin boards in the basement outside of the Media Center, 3) the blue bulletin like boards in the library café
  • Signs found anywhere other than these designated spots will be removed
  • Signs containing dated information (e.g. event has already happened) are also subject to removal
  • Certain subjects might also be cause for sign removal (e.g. the mentioning or advertising of alcohol)
  • If you would like to post information in a different spot or have a sign larger than 11×17, we ask that you contact Dee Peterson, Coordinator of User Services, or Bonnie Mahle, Assistant to the Director, to see if another display option might be possible
  • The library does not supply materials for displaying signs and flyers like tape or push pins – please be ready to bring your own

Attn: Students –Need research help? Ask a Librarian!

Welcome back students! As the semester begins and assignments kick into gear, we at the OWU Libraries want to let you know that we’re here to help.  Below are some quick facts about the research help we can provide as well as where and how to find us.

Who Are the Librarians?

Each department on campus is assigned a librarian to help with course-related assignments. Not sure who your “liaison librarian” is? Click HERE to find out.

How Do I Contact a Librarian? 

Librarians can be contacted in a variety of ways. We set up individual appointments upon request; you can email us, call us, chat with us, Facebook with us, or even drop by one of our reference desks!  Visit the homepage to find our chat box and the ASK US link to find our other contact information.

What is this Reference Desk You Speak Of? 

Our main reference desk is located in Beeghly Library on the main floor in front of the Information Commons. Our librarians take turns staffing the desk to assist anyone who stops by and asks a question during designated times.  We also employ a few reference students that can get you started but may refer you to a librarian depending on the complexity of the question.  The music and science libraries also have specific desks/areas where you can ask questions.

What Kind of Help Do Librarians Provide?

Reference librarians are prepared to help you find resources for your papers and projects (books, journal articles, web sites, primary sources, etc.) using many of the Libraries’ search tools (CONSORT, OhioLINK, Summon, databases, etc.) We not only help you find where to search but how to search. We assist with topic and resource evaluation, and can also help with citation/bibliography creation.