Summon 2.0 Coming Soon!

Summon, the library’s academic search engine, will be getting an upgrade over the summer, and we’d like to invite you to take a peek at the new look.

You can preview the new version of Summon at:

The upgrade will take place on July 1, 2014.

The new look offers a more streamlined, modern interface that works on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. For a quick overview of the new site, check out this short video we’ve put together:

Summon is an interdisciplinary academic search engine that complements subject-specific research databases by allowing all OWU students, faculty, and staff to discover books, journal articles, videos, music, conference proceedings, images, and many other types of materials available from the library’s collections from one place.

Libraries Celebrate Faculty and Student Scholarship


Faculty members recognized for their scholarship during the 2014 Celebration of Scholarship.
Photo credit: John Holliger

The OWU Libraries recognized over forty faculty members for their scholarly contributions during last week’s 2014 Celebration of Scholarship. Publications from a broad range of disciplines were on display during the event. The official bibliography is available online in OWU’s Digital Collections.

Director of Libraries Catherine Cardwell also recognized each of the 18 students who submitted papers for the 2014 research award.


Students who submitted papers for the 2014 OWU Libraries Research Award.
Photo credit: John Holliger


Carolyn Thompson took first place for her work titled “The Murder of Maria Elena Moyano: How Sendero Luminoso’s Brutal War on Civilian Social Programs Triggered its Own Destabilization”. This well-written winning paper demonstrated a thoughtful and thorough research process.

For the second year in a row, the Libraries recognized a runner-up. Matthew Jamison’s paper “‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’: Male Sex Workers Performing Power and Control” was awarded second place. The judges were equally impressed with his writing and felt Jamison’s research demonstrated significant promise.


Director of Libraries Catherine Cardwell (center) with 2014 OWU Libraries Research Award winners Matthew Jamison (left) and Carolyn Thompson (right).
Photo credit: John Holliger

Senior Due Dates for Library Items

Hello Seniors,

You may have already seen our scrolling image or received our flyer during Countdown to Commencement, but with graduation fast approaching, please remember the senior due date for most library items is coming up on May 12. Additionally, you may not know that failure to return library items or pay library fines will unfortunately result in the withholding of your transcript so please keep that date in mind to avoid any issues.  If you have questions or concerns about this date or your account we will be happy to speak with you. Please contact Beeghly Circulation at 740-368-3225 or

2014 Countdown to Commencement

Celebration of Scholarship: Friday, April 18 at Noon

Each year, the Libraries honor OWU faculty, staff, and student scholarship at the Celebration of Scholarship. Join us on Friday, April 18, from noon-1pm in the Bayley Room as we recognize all faculty and staff who have published a book or article, created a music score or sound recording, exhibited artwork, or produced significant scholarship or creative work with an imprint date from the previous year. Also at the Celebration, the Libraries announce the winner of the $500 Libraries Student Research Award.

Alexander Wilson’s American Ornithology Added to OWU Digital Collections

200 years after its original publication, the complete text and full illustrations of the nine volumes of Alexander Wilson’s pioneering work American Ornithology, published in Philadelphia from 1808 to 1814, have been digitized and added to the OWU Digital Collections. It was published a generation before J. J. Audubon’s The Birds of America. (1827–1839).


Wilson (1766-1813), a not-so-successful poet from Scotland, and a teacher, who, under the guidance of William Bartram, became a self-taught artist and naturalist, and after dedicating himself to the study and description of birds and to the dream of making “a collection of all of our finest birds”, earned himself posthumously, through this publication, the title “Father of American Ornithology.”

He described his work for the drawings in a letter to Thomas Jefferson (6 Feb. 1806), perhaps hoping to join an expedition to explore the Ohio and Mississippi rivers planned by the President:

“Having been engaged, these several years, in collecting material, and furnishing drawings from nature […], I have traversed the greater part of our northern and eastern districts and have collected many birds undescribed by […] naturalists. Upwards of one hundred drawings are completed….” (Burtt 2013, 41)

His study of the birds was to record more than their physical appearance. He speaks as a true naturalist in his introduction to Volume 1, writing:

“It is also my design to enter more largely than usual into the manners and disposition of each respective species; to become, as it were, their faithful biographer, and to delineate their various peculiarities, in character, song, building, economy, &c. as far as my own observations have extended […] noting their particular haunts, modes of constructing their nests, manner of flight, seasons of migration, favourite food, and numberless other minutiae, which can only be obtained by frequent excursions in the woods and fields, along lakes, shores, and rivers, and requires a degree of patience and perseverance, which nothing but an enthusiastic fondness for the pursuit can inspire.” (Wilson 1808, 2)

A symposium organized by Ohio Wesleyan University Professor of Zoology Edward H. Burtt titled “Alexander Wilson and the Making of American Ornithology” will be hosted at Ohio Wesleyan University on April 23, 2014.



Burtt, Edward H., Jr. and William E. Davis, Jr. Alexander Wilson: The Scott Who Founded American Ornithology. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2013.

Wilson, Alexander. American Ornithology; Or, the Natural History of the Birds of the United States, Vol 1. Philadelphia: Bradford and Inskeep, 1808-14.

OWU Libraries 2014 Research Award

The OWU Libraries invite submissions for the 2014 Library Research Award.


The award values research and honors a paper that demonstrates full and complete use of a critical research process. In their submission materials, students will need to describe their search strategy and show appropriate database selection as well as use of diverse library resources in multiple formats. The submitted paper must be an original work of scholarship completed by a student in response to regularly assigned OWU coursework, OWU internship, or summer research opportunity.

Students who submitted papers for the 2013 Library Research Award

Photos from the 2013 Celebration of Scholarship

Award: $500

Date & Time of Award: To be presented at the OWU Libraries Celebration of Scholarship on Friday, April 18 from noon until 1:00pm.

Deadline for Submission: The paper and supporting documents must be turned in to Bonnie Mahle in the OWU Libraries Administrative Office in Beeghly Library by Monday, April 7 at 5 pm. The winning paper will become a permanent addition to the Ohio Wesleyan University Historical Archives.

Eligibility for Award: The award will be given to a graduating senior for a research paper produced at any time during his/her career at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Criteria for Assessment: A panel of judges will consult the Criteria for Assessment. The criteria emphasize the research process, the use of diverse and appropriate information resources, and appropriate disciplinary style.

Submission Guidelines: Only one paper per student may be submitted. Each paper will be submitted as a packet which will include:

  • Submission Form signed by the professor who worked with the student during the production of the paper.
  • Completed Research Process Questionnaire
  • Paper, 10 pages minimum excluding front and back matter and appendices; printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, pages numbered; using 12 point font.

Incomplete packets will not be accepted.

Panel of Judges: A panel of judges consisting of librarians and faculty representing the major academic disciplines (social sciences, the sciences, the humanities, and fine arts) and the Writing Center will determine the winner. This year’s judges are:

Janalee Emmer — Fine Arts
Mark Allison — Humanities
David Markwardt — Science
Alper Yalcinkaya — Social Sciences
Peter Szabo — Fine Arts
Jillian Maruskin — Humanities
Deb Peoples — Science
Ben Daigle — Social Sciences
James Stull — Writing Center Coordinator
Catherine Cardwell — Ex Officio

Contact Information: Contact Catherine Cardwell, OWU Director of Libraries with  questions. Cathi can be reached by email at or by phone at 740-368-3246.

You can read more about last year’s award winners and the Celebration of Scholarship in Connect2OWU or on the library’s blog.

Library Introduces Credo Reference

OWU Libraries are introducing Credo Reference this semester, a new online reference site offering coverage of all major subject areas. The site includes access to millions of full-text entries from nearly 640 reference books, making it an excellent starting place for background information on most academic topics.

Credo’s Topic Pages offer overviews for over 10,000 topics. Articles on each topic page are followed by suggested resources from other library resources such as research databases, catalogs, and scholarly websites.

Other entries come from well-known reference sources, many of which include suggestions for further reading and links to connect readers to those resources.

Credo can be a good resource for those just beginning research into unfamiliar topics and a good lead into more subject-specific research databases. For a brief introduction to the site, check out the following video:

Please direct any questions about Credo Reference to the Beeghly Reference Desk at or 740-368-3242

LexisNexis Redesigns Interface

LexisNexis has just rolled out its new interface design with the intent of making searching and discovery of material simpler and more intuitive. No content has been lost, only moved, with some new functionality added.

For an overview of new features and search options, check out this brief video:

For tutorials on searching for particular types of information, like a legal case, obituary, or company profiles, visit the following link for more short videos: Many of these tutorial topics are also featured in research guides with screen shots and instructions.

Any additional questions may be directed to the Beeghly Reference Desk at 740-368-3242 or