Downtown Delaware's Native Plantings

Bird, Bee & Bat Habitat on OWU's Campus

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OWU Theory into Practice: Research on Olives & Sustainability in Morocco

Bird, Bee & Bat Habitat on OWU’s Campus


In order to mitigate the loss of habitat for wildlife we have began enhancing wildlife habitat across OWU’s campus. A few species were selected in order to jump start OWU’s involvement in rehabilitating habitat area within Delaware. Bats, birds, squirrels, and solitary bees are all common area natives and were targeted to boost ecosystem productivity due to their ecological importance.

OWU Alumni | Sarah D’Alexander (’13) | Practicing Sustainability

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Sarah D’Alexander graduated from OWU in 2013 with a double major in Environmental Studies and Biology with a minor in Spanish.

She realized her interest in sustainability while participating in environmental projects at OWU. After assessing ongoing problems on campus, she began developing her own courses of action to promote greener practices.