Tuesday 20th February 2018,
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SLUs reapply for housing

Last week each of the eight Small Living Units (SLUs) applied for renewal to return to campus as living options next school year.
SLUs are required to reapply for their house through the renewal process, which includes an application and a roster for the following year.
SLUs must also give a presentation about their mission statement and importance to the Ohio Wesleyan and Delaware communities to a panel comprised of faculty, Public Safety officers and students.
If a SLU makes changes to its mission statement, it must explain why such amendments are necessary.
These presentations took place on Friday, Feb. 10 from 1-4 p.m.
Junior Paige Ruppel said the renewal process is necessary because the presence of SLUs on campus is beneficial not only to those students in SLUs, but also to the entire OWU community.
“We account for a lot of the student programming that goes on (on campus),” Ruppel said. “Each house member must put on a program each semester as a requirement to live in the house, and with so many projects on campus, SLUs address a broad range of issues. With eight houses on campus, most everyone can find a cause of interest to them.”
Sophomore Martin Clark, secretary of WCSA, agreed with Ruppel on that idea.
“I feel that the SLU community is a great asset to the campus,” Clark said. “It delivers a valuable living experience separate from the fraternities or dorms. The SLUs hold many events throughout the year that help facilitate important conversation about various topics throughout different social groups on campus.”
Although enrollment is down, members of both SLUs and WCSA are not worried about the SLUs ever being unavailable as a living option.
Freshman Lauren Holler, a WCSA class representative, said if there is any debate over the necessity of SLUs on campus, she’s “never heard anything negative about (the SLUs).”
“SLU living is not for everyone, but some students really enjoy the concept of living in themed houses,” said Holler. “Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs believes that SLUs are an integral part of residential life at Ohio Wesleyan.”
Ruppel said she is not worried about the SLUs going anywhere.
“I think that the entire campus, including administration, realizes how valuable the SLUs are, so if there is any opposition, I have not noticed it.”

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