Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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Students want changes in dining

Bishops can expect several new dining alternatives on campus beginning next year, as WCSA and Chartwells work to expand options.
According to junior Anthony McGuire, WCSA President, students and staff can expect extensive changes to campus dining.
“They want to expand the food court in Ham-Wil, add a fourth register, and put in a salad bar,” McGuire said. “They’re also planning to bring in new options like Papa John’s,” he said.
Other projects include expanding the Thomson store to almost twice its current size. This expansion would be done by building outward into the current lobby area in front of the store. Additionally, the newly-renovated Stuyvesant Hall will include a late-night food option. This would be similar to Trattoria Pizza, currently located in Welch Hall.More options are important to students, especially those with dietary restrictions, like sophomore Rachel Vinciguerra.
“I have celiac disease, which means that if I eat gluten I don’t get any of the nutrients and I get sick,” Vinciguerra said. “I feel sick for a few weeks afterward while my body tries to process it.”
She said she would like to have more choices available for students with allergies.These changes have been happening. Vinciguerra said there are more options since her freshman year.
“I think they’ve gotten better; the bakery now has gluten-free cookies, for example,” she said. “But I still have to eat a lot of pre-packaged, microwaveable meals in Ham-Wil.”
Junior Stephanie VanVliet would like to have cheaper options and longer hours.
“As far as college dining goes, we have pretty good choices, but I think it’s too expensive,” VanVliet said. “I feel like it’s more than I would pay for food if I lived in an apartment. I would like to see coffee on the residential side of campus, and dining options on weekends before 11 A.M.. “I feel like I can’t start my day until the afternoon because I’m waiting to eat,” she said.
Many of these concerns are being addressed by WCSA and Chartwells.

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