Saturday 24th February 2018,
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Teammates forget the past and press full court

Freshman Mary Corbett and Sarah McQuade were once rivals but now work together on the Ohio Wesleyan Women’s Basketball team.
Corbett and McQuade went to competing High Schools in Ohio and the two became known for their rivalry due to their similar skill set, age, and talent.
Corbett and McQuade first met their junior year of High School at a basketball program where the two, much to spectator’s surprise, became close friends.
“At first it was awkward because we knew who each other were but we became best friends after playing with each other,” Corbett said, “She is a reason I came to Ohio Wesleyan because I knew we both came from successful high school teams where we both had been very well coached and I liked the idea of being on the same team as her.”
McQuade echoed Corbett’s thoughts and feel the two work very well together.
“I think it makes us play better together because we both know each other’s strength and weaknesses and what each other is going to do out on the court,” McQuade said, “Our rivalry in high school doesn’t affect us at all but to outsiders, I’m sure they think it’s funny to see us playing together.”
The Bishop’s are in somewhat of a transitional year, their assistant coach for the last four seasons, Stacey Reed, has now become their head coach and the young team is lead by mostly freshman and sophomores.
Freshman Caroline Welker, who was the top scorer in the team’s December 31 game against Wittenberg with 18 points, believes the team is constantly improving the way they work together.
“We have been continually improving throughout the season, but we have still have been struggling to bring it all together in one game,” Welker said.
McQuade believes the team’s task to replace three leading scorers from last year is happening at a steady rate.
“If you just looked at our record, most would say we’re having a down year but were growing together. There are four freshman starting and a sophomore so we are very young,” McQuade said.
Corbett also believes the team’s transitional phase will pay off going into the end of the season.
“I think our performance this year has not been a direct reflection of all the talent and potential we have as a team,” Corbett said, “We have gone through a lot this year as a team and I think our experience now will help us grow for the end of the season.”
The Bishop’s defeated Oberlin on Saturday 81-74 and their record currently is 8-13. The Bishops next home game is Wednesday against Wooster in the Branch Rickey Arena.

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