Friday 23rd February 2018,
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Fraternity members want food points

Despite having their own cooks, the brothers of fraternities would like to see some food points added to their meal plans.
Every fraternity has a contract through Chartwells that provides each house with a chef.
After joining a fraternity, food points transfer over so the new member may eat at the house, according to sophomore Brad Ingles, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon.
The chef employed for each house provides meals Monday-Friday.
During the weekend, the members of the fraternities eat the leftovers from the week. Ingles said during the weekend the kitchen at Sig Ep is always stocked and unlocked for the brothers.
Ingles said the chef at his house is more than a chef–she is like a mom, continually keeping the brothers accountable for their behavior, academics and the cleanliness of the house. He said she treats them well.
“She even has a binder filled with recipes that we brought from home that our parents make, and she tries to cook one once every two weeks to give us that taste of home feeling,” Ingles said.
Junior Marshall Morris, president of Phi Delta Theta, said he appreciates eating at his house.
“I do enjoy being able to hold meals at the house,” he said. “It provides an additional avenue to bond with our brothers.”
Senior Tyler Mather said he absolutely loves the cook at his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, but wishes food points were offered as part of the meal plan.
“The only disadvantage to having a cook is sometimes running out of food on the weekends and not being able to eat in Smith or grab a coffee and a doughnut with a friend in HamWill,” said Mather.
Ingles and Morris both said they would also like to have food points they could use around campus.
“I personally am happy with the chef and Chartwells. I wish we had some food points and she could help hire other chefs for fraternities so everyone can share the joy we have the privilege of experiencing everyday,” said Ingles.

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