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Student-run Facebook page gives OWU spin on Internet memes

Ohio Wesleyan student camaraderie has found a new form on the Facebook page, “OWU Memes.”
Envisioned by sophomores Jordan Grammer and Maria Jafri, the memes on the page include random stock images with witty captions where students can express their opinions about the university.
The page, owned by both Grammer and Jafri, was created on Jan. 20. The page had immediate popularity with 350 fans within its first 24 hours. Today the page has 764 followers and is growing each day.
“We saw colleges across the country start to create these pages and we wanted to bring the fun to OWU and hopefully bring our community together over some good laughs,” says Grammer.
“I’ve seen isolated OWU-related memes pop up here and there, but it wasn’t until I saw the success of the college pages that I thought it’d be a great idea.”
And, so far it is. The reaction to the page has been a positive one.
Junior Andrea Kraus said she thinks the page is “funny and silly,” and named her favorite memes: “SLU girl and the one that says, ‘Put the flags up. Prospies are coming.’”
Senior Courtney Durham said she enjoys creating and submitting memes.
“It’s funny when people have shared humor, everyday things that we share and can poke fun at,” Durham said.
When asked what his favorite meme was, Grammer said, “I don’t have a favorite one specifically, but I really enjoy the memes the entire campus can relate to such as the amount of squirrels or Linda in University Hall, rather than an inside joke between a small group of people.”
Not everyone had good things to say about the page.
“I think it’s funny and a little exaggerated but occasionally hurtful,” said sophomore Kati Sweigard. “Some of the Greek ones are a little offensive, as an affiliated woman, because you can perpetuate stereotypes.”
Senior Jon Rux said he is not a fan of the page.
“I think it’s an attempt at OWU students trying to be funny and it’s a fail,” he said.
Rux did admit that the meme with Boromir, from the Lord of the Rings series, saying, “One does not simply live off campus” was his one and only favorite.
Erin Sayegh, another avid follower of the page, and blunt critic, said she thinks that some of them are “very on point, but some people just aren’t funny and shouldn’t write them.”
She said she hopes the page goes on to be written by people who “understand humor and irony.”
Even with her criticism, she couldn’t wait to open the page while answering questions.
Grammer said that he receives rave reviews, but some topics brought up by the memes have raised conflict.
Some projects such as the fountain on the JAYwalk are already controversial and when they are brought up on the page, arguments often begin.
Grammer and Jafri constantly face the issue of controversy when posting the memes.
“I’ll admit that some of our jokes are more controversial than others,” Grammer said. “We always try to keep things under control and foster healthy discussion without bringing backlash to the page or the administration—and we won’t post certain things if they are just way too offensive or in poor taste.”
But for now, the page remains up with the fan base growing day by day.
With favorite feature memes such as “Good Guy Greg,” “Scumbag Steve,” “The Dos Equis (beer brand) Guy,” and “Annoying Facebook Girl,” OWU Memes also includes some of the students own creations, while still encouraging them to send more.
Submissions can be posted directly to the Facebook page or emailed anonymously.

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