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Budget system makes club funding accessible

Ohio Wesleyan boasts over 130 clubs, providing students with a number of interest groups to join. This year, thanks to student activity fees, every club is permitted funding.
Junior Marshall Morris, Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs treasurer, presented the budget information in two meetings last week.
This new system adds more transparency and allows both WCSA members and students to track club budgets better.
In previous years, clubs requested funds from WCSA in large, full school year sums, but this year, the budget committee decided to divide club funding by semesters to cut overhead costs.
Using OrgSync’s tools, students can easily apply for fall club funds. A list of club forms is nested within each club’s profile.
Senior Matthew Hill, president of the Medieval & Renaissance Recreational Combat Association, said he likes the new semester-by-semester funding system.
“I like that it will get clubs thinking about new programming in advance, and better planning can always make the difference in ensuring a good event,” Hill said.
Junior Ashley Madera, a vice-president of VIVA, is unsure if the new funding process for clubs will be entirely effective.
She said some future expenses are hard to predict, especially if a club intends to host a speaker.
“I think it is difficult for clubs because not all of the events we host are annual events,” she said. “Some events, like screenings or bringing a speaker, cannot be (itemized) because it sometimes requires talking to people a whole year in advance, and estimating the costs for speakers which could involve travel, honorariums, and other expenses.”
The new funding system takes many precautions against misuse.
The entire path to funding is lined with forms. There are forms to request extra event funding, to ask for supplemental funding and to reallocate event surplus.
Junior Kamila Goldin, a member of the WCSA budget committee, implored students to pay attention to which forms they complete.
“All we want to do is throw money at you. … Just fill out the right forms. It makes our lives easier,” Goldin said.
Clubs must turn in budget forms by Friday April 6, at 6 p.m. to receive funding.

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