Sunday 18th February 2018,
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Theta Alpha Phi brews talent at Coffee Haus

Low lights and smooth jazz transformed Bashford Lounge into an ambient coffee house last Saturday.
Theatre honorary Theta Alpha Phi hosted their annual “Coffee Haus,” where students could be served coffee and small desserts, and be entertained by student performers.
With a three dollar admission, and snacks costing less than a dollar each, the proceeds went directly to funding the honorary.
Ohio Wesleyan students performed in various mediums, such as slam poetry, stand-up comedy, song, dance and improvisational comedy.
Freshman Shannon Dean said, “I think Coffee Haus is really cool. I went to the Red and Black Revue, and I liked that they had a more informal setting here so that people could come up, perform and have fun with it.”

The event had a casual tone to it, with students coming up who had not even planned to perform. They pulled up poetry on their cell phones and sang songs they had memorized on their own time.
Some improvised their own comedy acts, telling funny stories about professors and experiences they have had.
The audience participated in many of the acts, providing background music, engaging in call-and-response and providing feedback.
Dean said it was fun watching other people having fun when they are onstage, because as a theatre major, she knows that when someone is on stage who does not want to be, everyone in the audience can see it. She said she appreciated Coffee Haus because everyone who performed truly wanted to be there.
Junior Liz Anderson, a TAP member, said, “I think Coffee Haus went really well. It’s a great place for the campus to come together and see each other’s talents and support them.”
Anderson said they had a number of really great acts including a capella music by Pitch Black, improvisational comedy from the Babbling Bishops, poetry by sophomore Gus Wood, and a performance by student band Rob and Todd in the Morning.
She said there was a great turnout of people in the crowd, as well.
Junior Alan Massouh said, “I thought it was awesome. I think it should happen once a month or on a more regular basis because it seems people were having a lot of fun bringing out their inner artist.”

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