Thursday 18th January 2018,
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Baseball challenged by Marietta, keeps high season outlook

The Bishops’ men’s baseball team remained strong on March 29, in their game against Marietta, which is ranked as the number two team in the nation.
The non-conference game was played at Littick Field, with a resulting score of 2-0, Marietta. Evan Brockmeier scored a run in the second inning, giving Marietta a 1-0 lead, and Bryan Gregorich scored once more for Marietta in the sixth.
Although the Bishops lost, senior James DiBiasio said he is proud of the way the team played against the tough opposing team.
“Our team usually plays up to our competition,” said DiBiasio. “We had a good game defensively, and both of our pitchers did a great job.”
DiBiasio also commented on the talent of Austin Blaski, the pitcher playing for Marietta.
“The pitcher was actually being scouted … there were four major league scouts at the game,” he said.
Blaski played the first seven innings, and the eighth and ninth were pitched by Kyle Lindquist. Junior pitcher Brandon Sega played the first five innings, striking out five and walking three.
“During the game, I was just concentrated on controlling what I could control. I knew they were a good team, but I treated them like I do every team,” said Sega.
Both Sega and DiBiasio said their team could improve its use of offensive strategies, as well as the psychological aspects of the game.
“What the team could work on is more consistent hitting, but that will come with time as guys get more swings,” Sega said. “Also, eliminating mental mistakes from our game will greatly improve our performance.”
“Offensively, we need to get in our rhythm, and start getting more hits,” DiBiasio said.
Sega said he hopes to improve on these strengths and weaknesses throughout the season.

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