Sunday 18th February 2018,
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With two outs in bottom of tenth, Vollenweider wins game for Bishops

It is the bottom of the tenth and Muskingum is leading the Bishops, 5-4.
Ohio Wesleyan catcher junior James Toland steps up to the plate.
OWU has two outs. Toland gets two strikes on the board and the game is surely lost for the Bishops—No.
He hits a grounder to Muskingum shortstop Nathan Hunt, who fumbles, letting Toland run to first.
Next up, with the bases loaded, is OWU sophomore third baseman Sean Vollenweider, who smacks the ball into a gap in right center field.
Two Bishops score, giving them just enough runs to clinch the win, 6-5.
Vollenweider said he strategically won the almost three hour game.
“I was able to find a hole,” he said. “It was a big win for us. Hopefully it will get us prepared and carry us through the next few games.”
Head coach Tyler Mott said OWU built off their hitting momentum in the tenth inning.
“I’ve seen it happen at OWU games before. Everyone just feeds off of it. When you put on a uniform you don’t always know what to expect. Baseball is a funny game.”
The game score flip-flopped, with Muskingum opening the game with two runs, OWU gaining the lead with a triple in the fifth–losing it in the sixth–and finally winning the game in the tenth.
“Scoring two in the bottom of the tenth shows we have a good team and good character,” Mott said. “Anything can happen.”
The Bishops are playing Muskingum this weekend in a doubleheader at Littick field Friday and Saturday at noon.

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