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Fink, students note importance of networking

Former Senior Marketing Executive for Kellog Company,Tom Fink, told students on March 9 that the world of marketing is rapidly changing due to advances in technology, during his visit to OWU.

While on campus, he met with students one-on-one, at dinner and lunch lectures, and in the classroom.

Fink said he was part of the “Leggo My Eggo” campaign at Kellogg Company before retiring.

He cites this as one of his major accomplishments.

He said his goal in the field of marketing was to work with consumer-packaged goods, among other areas.
Fink told students that developments in technology are forcing companies to change their marketing techniques by using social media and other modern tactics.

He said his goal was to teach students how to prepare for a career in marketing and how to develop a knowledge base that is transferable to working in the real world.

Fink said he thinks these events are important for students to attend because they can have access to the practical application of the theories they learn in the classroom. He also said it is a way to validate what they learn.

“I am a firm believer that any student can’t network enough,” Fink said.

John Boos, co-director of the Woltemade Center, said Fink is candidate for the position.

“An executive in residence essentially agrees to volunteer their expertise and services to the Center by making themselves available to guest lecture in various econ-management classes, present one or more Center lectures to the OWU community, and meet with students outside of class in an advisory capacity,” Boos said.

“After talking with Tom [Fink] and learning more about his education and corporate background, I think he could be a great Executive in Residence – if he was interested in periodically returning to OWU and working with the Center.”

Sophomore Cody Reinsel helped set up the dinner with Fink Monday at the Bigelow-Reed House where he said Fink talked about trends in consumer packaged goods marketing.

“I believe having programs like this available to students helps them out tremendously.” Reinsel said.
Reinsel said he believes every student, whether or not they are interested in business, should attend events like these.

Sophomore Jay Certo attended the dinner April 9 and the lunch the next day.

Certo said he would highly recommend other students to attend these types of events in order to meet people from a variety of fields with varying experiences.

Sophomore Sarah Jilbert also attended the dinner.

“This type of programming is extremely important to students because it gives us a way to connect and network with a variety of people who, otherwise, we would never meet,” she said.

“These are once in a lifetime opportunities, so it’s important for students to take advantage of speakers and events. The talks not only benefit economics majors, but all majors.”

Jilbert said she learned about the rapid changes occurring in the field of marketing from listening to Fink’s presentation.

“I will definitely attend more of these events because they’re a great chance to learn outside the classroom, and network,” Jilbert said.

“I would recommend other students attend these events. They will be surprised how much they learn and how much they will get out of the experience.”

Fink stayed in the Bigelow-Reed House apartment during the week of April 9 while visiting campus.

Fink is considering the position of Woltemade Center Executive in Residence as he looks into part-time teaching positions to fill his time now that he is offically retired.

His son, Chris Fink, is a professor in the physical education department and helped him pursue the job.

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