Friday 19th January 2018,
The Transcript

Letter to the Editor: Honors House had a difficult year, deserves campus respect

Dear Editor:

It is regrettable that the Transcript decided to publish a cartoon that is at best ambiguous in its intent and at worst insensitive and offensive to the sensibilities of the residents of one of the finest of our Wesleyan communities, the outstanding students of the Honors House.

The Honors House has had a difficult year; vandalism and acts of destruction of property impacted many of its residents in this, the house’s only second year of existence. Satire, especially of a violent nature, which is targeted at a specific residential facility, is detrimental to the spirit of community we try to foster at Wesleyan.

In short, the residents of the Honors House deserve better than the depiction afforded them in The Transcript. They deserve our recognition, praise, support and steadfast encouragement, and not incoherent and potentially misleading words and art.

I would urge The Transcript to issue a clarification and apology to the members of the Honors House.

Lee Fratantuono
Associate Professor of Classics

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