Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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Let the Delaware fun continue throughout the summer

Ever thought of spending the summer in the classroom? If not, you should think about it. With the closing of yet another semester I have found myself yearning for the end of the year but not quite ready to leave OWU.

And that’s where summer school comes into play.

Last summer I stayed on campus and took classes, and that one summer made me fall in love with OWU, but more importantly, with the Delaware community. Delaware in the summer months is a completely different experience than what we as students experience while at school.

Classes seem more interesting because there’s less pressure, and the weather offers opportunities to explore new places. With the trees in full bloom and the hot summer sun, campus practically transforms into a cocoon of summer fun with classes. From cookouts to mini blow-up pool parties, OWU has much to give students who choose to spend the summer on campus.

Those students who do stay for summer session form a small community with a tight bond and sense of understanding. They’re here to do work and attempt to take advantage of the summertime fun.

The course selection offered is what makes summer session interesting. Last summer I took the food course and the wine course and learned things that extended my knowledge both in the kitchen and with a local sommelier.

With a minimal class schedule, there was just enough time to explore Delaware and its surrounding parts. The scenery at Blue Limestone Park and the fresh produce at subsistence farms made days exciting.

Last summer one of my greatest finds was the Dairy Depot which provides outdoor seating and a plethora of ice cream treats, hot dogs and other snacks to end a summer’s day. It became a local meeting spot for my fellow school-goers to relax on the benches and end the day.

If you are looking for a place to cool off check out the Delaware State beach, or even better, the pool at Mingo Park.

For just a small fee, Mingo Park offers pool recreation and is fully stocked with water slides.

If the water isn’t your thing, venture off to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point provides a fun amusement park atmosphere with all of the top coasters to go on.

If you have the ability to take summer classes, do it. It has been one of my favorite experiences at OWU and has changed the look of the campus for me.

Yes, campus is empty, but the opportunities in Delaware and on campus are endless.

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