Thursday 18th January 2018,
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The secret danger your planner does not tell you

By Elizabeth Childers
Transcript Oline Editor

“Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”

Okay, you’re not Will Robinson, and I’m not a robot. But I am writing today to warn you about a problem many college students often don’t see coming.
On a daily basis, we are bombarded by activities, clubs, events, campus jobs and classes, and all of them are telling us the same thing: come play with us!
As a freshmen with time on your hands (right now, anyway) or as a senior wanting to get that last taste of college, you may be inclined to.

But the problem here is, too much of a good thing is bad for you.
As a senior this year, I have a full course load (five classes), each with an extensive set of reading and writing to do.

But when my internship over the past summer offered to keep me on to do remote work, I had not realized being a full time student is a full time job (cliché, yes; wrong, no).

Suddenly, I arrive on campus with a ton of school work and three jobs, all of which are demanding more and more hours.

Needless to say, it’s only the third week of school, and I am already so stressed my guts are practicing their Girl Scout knots way into the wee hours of the lawn mower and leaf blowing filled dawn (seriously B&G, do you really have to mow the lawn at eight in the morning?).

So freshmen, before you take on that fourth club, look at your schedule all laid out for the semester.

Look at your course load; make sure you’re able to do all of your homework.

And be realistic.
No one wants to be constantly doing or working on something from the time you wake up until the time you collapse across your desk at 2 a.m. You’re going to want down time to chill and vegetate.

Remember, sometimes it’s okay to say no to the party or no to the extra club.

Seniors, you’re not exempt from this either. I understand the wanting to do everything on campus, thinking you now have time to do the things you passed up the past three (or in some cases for a few of us, two) years.

While it’s great to try knew things, know that though you might be done with school, school is not done with you.

In order to graduate, you still need to go to class, do your homework and stay focused. You’re running so fast for the finish line, you forget to look for the crack in the sidewalk that’ll roll your ankle.

So, my tale of caution to you all, know what you can handle, and don’t stress yourself out by taking on too much. Be a good student. Be an active socialite. Be a good employee. But do what’s best for yourself too.

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