Thursday 22nd February 2018,
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Classics professor feels at home

By Emily Hostetler
Transcript Reporter

Caroline Stark joined the OWU faculty this semester as the new Assistant Professor of classics in the humanities-classics department.

Stark said she decided to teach at OWU after her campus visit, during which she was able to meet with faculty and students.

“I enjoyed my campus visit and loved the faculty and students,” Stark said.

“They all have really great and broad interests and can draw from all different skills to face today’s problems to make the world a better place,” she said.

Stark received her Ph.D in Classics and Renaissance Studies from Yale University and then went on to teach classics at Temple University.

“One of the best things about (OWU) is how everyone is intellectually curious about so many things,” Stark said.

She said she appreciates how students have the opportunity to do so many different things in Delaware and on campus and how service-based OWU students tend to be.

“The students are really enthusiastic, curious and really want to learn and work hard,” Stark said.

“There is the same energy in the faculty, so it is nice to be around people who love what they do.”

In her first few weeks of teaching, Stark said she has had a good experience at OWU.

“(My students and I) love the material we are covering and we meet with enthusiasm each time even if the skill levels are different,” Stark said.

She said she enjoys how all of the nice, little things that happen on campus have added up and made her feel welcome and at home in a new place.

“We need real leaders, and they are made in places like OWU,” Stark said.

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