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College Republicans cheer on their candidates

By Heather Kuch
Sports Editor

With the 2012 elections drawing near, both political parties are making their final efforts to gather support for their respective candidates.
On Ohio Wesleyan’s campus, the College Republicans are holding events and raising awareness for the Republican party.

The College Republicans are a national organization described on their website as “the nation’s oldest, largest, and most active youth political organization.”

They have upwards of 250,000 college republicans in the United States represented on over 1,800 college campuses in every state.

OWU’s College Republicans are involved in everything from raising awareness, hosting debates, campaigning and interning for candidates.

According to junior Tim Alford, president of OWU’s College Republicans, members have diverse beliefs, but come together to raise awareness on the issues for themselves and for other students.

“College Republicans is not about telling members what to believe, it is about meeting together and being aware of the current events and issues so that members can draw their own conclusions,” Alford said.

Alford said his goal for the College Republicans on OWU’s campus is to generate a group of educated members.

He said he wants some of his members to get involved with campaigning for the Republican candidates.

“For my organization, I am hoping to have a solid group of informed members and have at least some of those members be active in campaign efforts,” Alford said. “While I don’t expect everyone to campaign, it is a critical election and it is important for us to help the Republican Party as much as we can.”

Alford said he and some other members of the College Republicans have been active in the campaigns of Republican congressmen and for Mitt Romney.

“Over the summer, I was a campaign intern for Congressman Steve Stivers and junior Sarah JanTausch works for Young Americans for Romney,” Alford said.
According to JanTausch, the College Republicans and the Young Americans for Romney are working together to increase the span of their campaigning efforts.

“Ohio Wesleyan University’s College Republican club and Young Americans for Romney are teaming up to make sure OWU College Republicans are part of youth-led national phone banking nights and participate in statewide door knocking efforts on Saturdays, known as Buckeye Blitz,” she said.

Alford said in the coming months the College Republicans will be working to make the campus community of their organization as well as the election by tabling on campus.

He also said they will host debate viewing parties as the candidates begin debating.

JanTausch said the College Republicans have been involved in making phone calls to further their efforts.

“This past Thursday our club made 714 calls in just a few short hours,” JanTausch said.

“In the coming weeks, we plan to increase our numbers and continue our efforts. Next month, we will be having various debate watch parties and discussions concerning the main issues surrounding the election. We also plan to work with various local candidates.”

Alford said his personal goals for this election are for all Republican candidates to be elected to office and to see changes in policy which he believes will benefit the country.

“I hope the November election gets Romney and Ryan to the White House, Mandel to the Senate, and Tiberi and Stivers back to the House of Representatives,” Alford said.

“Obama had four years with two of those having control of Congress, and couldn’t get the job done. I believe Romney and Ryan can balance the budget, turn the economy around, and get the job done that Obama was unable to accomplish.”

JanTausch said she too hopes to see Romney-Ryan elected to office in order to facilitate an improvement in the economy and to bring new leadership to the White House.

“President Obama has failed to deliver the hope and change he promised America’s youth,” JanTausch said. “As young people, we are the ones that will be working with the economy for decades to come.Because of concern for our futures, we have seen an influx in membership and grassroots participation from young Americans. We are facing a difficult job market and high tuition costs so our main goal is to elect Romney-Ryan in order to have the right leadership in the White House that will truly turn around this economy.”

JanTausch said students who are interested in the College Republicans may attend meetings on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in Crider Lounge on the second floor of Hamilton Williams Campus Center. Those interested in more information may contact

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