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OWU welcomes families for the weekend

By Jacob Beach
Transcript Correspondent

After just five weeks of classes, students are starting to settle in their rooms and grow comfortable with their course load. But for some parents, five weeks is the longest time they have been away from their children.

Parents and families arrived last weekend for Family Weekend and were able to attend a number of school-sponsored events, including a football game and Stuyvesant Open House and ceremonies.

Junior Olivia Gillison said she enjoyed going to the game with her family.

In her three years here, they have yet to miss a game.

“(We) always go to watch the football game no matter what,” Gillison said.

“Last year we sat out in the cold, wet rain just because it’s what we do.”

Many families that visit do the same thing every year and call it a tradition.

Sophomore Thomas DeHaas, greeted both of his parents this year, just as he did last year.

However, this year he was joined by his sister, freshman Heather DeHaas in celebrating the activities.

“Generally I just really appreciate my parents taking time out to come and see me on the weekend and spend time with me, that is what this weekend is all about,” Thomas DeHaas said.

“My parents usually only come for the Homecoming/Family Weekend which is split in two weekends this year.”

“I was only expecting them to come for one of the weekends, but they surprised me.”

Many students use the time to catch up with their parents and to take a break from campus food.

Gillison said she has gone to Bob Evans the past two years with her family.

DeHaas spent at least one meal out with his parents as well.

“My sister and I drove to meet our parents at a restaurant close to their hotel where we all enjoyed a very tasty brunch.” Thomas DeHaas said.

Students also tend to receive praise from their parents and compliments about the school.

DeHaas said this “moral boost” is beneficial.
“They like the positive and welcoming atmosphere and enjoy exploring the beautiful campus as the trees begin to change with the onset of fall,” DeHaas said.

Parents visiting campus had the opportunity to attend a number of events with their children and had time to explore the campus before heading home at the end of Family Weekend.

“I think that they like the school a lot but they like it even more because I’ve been able to thrive so well here and be comfortable even though I’m pretty far from home,” Gillison said.

DeHaas said the only part that was stressful about Family Weekend was the he had “to straighten up the room so that it looked presentable.”

Later this fall, parents will have the opportunity to return to campus alongside alumni for Homecoming Weekend in October.

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