Sunday 25th February 2018,
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Homecoming royalty quest trivial — or not

Homecoming. Bring on the competition.

Actually, bring it or else.

Is it me, or is homecoming this year a bigger deal than it ever was before? I’ve been lucky enough to watch students rip down fliers, bribe students for votes and even form a fan club or two in an effort to earn royalty status. The outcome of this year’s homecoming king and queen competition has literally reached the level of “The Hunger Games.”

Maybe people are trying to relive the glory days of high school, or maybe they’re just trying to leave Ohio Wesleyan with an overload of extracurricular activities and a crown to go with it, who knows!

Either way, I have never seen such cold-blooded competition to win homecoming king and queen.

The day the list of nominees was released, I’m sure hearts broke, and that moment most likely made those who didn’t make the list reminisce about that one time in high school when they didn’t make the varsity team or that other time when they didn’t get the part in the play.

But come on, people! What’s the big deal about being the king or queen? I just can’t understand why anyone would actually want to spend a Saturday morning freezing at Selby field. It just doesn’t seem like fun, and definitely not worth a shoddy crown and titles with minimal glory that will be old news come next week.

I spent a whole seven hours dabbling with the idea of running for homecoming queen. That rumor was short lived. I quickly realized that running would likely be the biggest joke among my friends, not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t be able to pull a Lindsay Lohan by smashing the crown and throwing it to my peers, let alone receive the key to the city of Delaware. No thank you, homecoming.

But still, people continue to scatter fliers and consume newsfeeds on Facebook. Now even I feel the need to participate in this fight for king and queen by helping some friends run a publicity campaign or two. So sue me.

In reality, when it comes down to it, homecoming is fun. It’s an old tradition of placing pieces of plastic and fake diamonds, ideally cubic zirconia, on people’s heads to make them feel special.

So to all you voters, vote — and good luck to the nominees. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Margaret Bagnell
Transcript Reporter

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