Saturday 17th February 2018,
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SpringFest cancelled due to lack of attendance

By Sarah Love
Transcript Correspondent

Campus Programming Board’s annual event SpringFest is cancelled this year because of last year’s low attendance.

In an effort to save money on the event last spring, the Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs asked CPB and the Student Union on Black Awareness to combine SpringFest and Step Fest into one event called “Crossroads.”

The band Hellogoodbye and the rapper Lloyd performed at last year’s event.

Only 200 students attended “Crossroads,” and CPB and SUBA only made a profit of $1,000. Now, WCSA has refused to give CPB the $50,000 this year to put on the event.

Junior Kelsey Brewer, president of CPB, said she supports WCSA’s decision.

“The time, effort, and money we devoted to the event did not match the student response to it,” she said.

Members of CPB and SUBA encouraged students to attend “Crossroads” by dorm storming, selling tickets in Hamilton Williams Campus Center, posting flyers and inviting students via Facebook.

Sophomore Chelcie Miller said the performers contributed to the lack of attendance.

“I’m not happy it isn’t happening because I would want to see artists, but if they’re not up-to-date performers, then people aren’t going to go,” Miller said.

Sophomore Kara Dawson said the reason for low turnout was based on lack of publicity, not the status of the performers.

“I’m kind of upset they aren’t doing it this year. I didn’t get to go last year but I did want to go,” Dawson said. “I just wish they would have advertised more. I think they would have had a better turnout.”

Brewer said a lot of time and effort went into advertising.

“I hate when people say there’s not enough advertising,” she said. “If someone could give me more advertising ideas I would be happy to hear them.”

CPB may put on a smaller, less costly music event this spring, but for now sophomore Alex Johnson, treasurer of CPB, said he is enjoying the fact that he’ll have more time to relax.

“Given the fact that there was such a low turnout last year and that it takes four months to prepare for this event I’m not going to miss it,” he said.

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