Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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The Arjune DJs adds a new spin to campus nightlife

Freshman Bhuneshwar Arjune, member of twin music duo the Arjune DJs, mixes music at an event. His brother, Krishna Arjune, performs with him, DJing parties across the Ohio Wesleyan campus.

By Julia Stone
Transcript Correspondent

Freshmen twins Bhuneshwar and Krishna Arjune are taking over Ohio Wesleyan’s music scene by racking up gig after gig with their DJing business.

The “Arjune DJs” have already worked events including Viva’s Latin American Independence Day Dance, Stuying Up All Night and the International Fashion Show, which raised money for Save a Child’s Heart.

On Dec. 4 they plan to DJ at Up ‘til Dawn, the charity event for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

With help from their friend, senior Iftekhar Ahmed Showpnil, the Arjune’s DJ business has skyrocketed. Iftekhar uses his connections to sororities, fraternities, and other organizations to find the twins gigs.

Crowds have responded well to the Arjune DJs. When asked how the Viva dance went, Iftekhar said, “Good, very good. As far as ratings go it was the best on campus so far.” The twins focus on smooth transitions between songs and playing music that fits the event to please the crowd. They never play from one set playlist, instead they adapt to the crowd’s reaction.

When asked why they decided to become DJs, the twins said their upbringing was a major influence. They have always been surrounded by music; especially Caribbean beats which influence their current style. DJing came naturally to them because they have drumming experience, which helps them blend beats and match tempos.

The twins’ family is an important part of their DJing business. Krishna said, “They have always been very supportive of everything that my brother and I do.” Their father encouraged them to start the business at the end of their junior year. Their parents help pay for DJing equipment and give moral support.

The twins have learned many lessons during their DJing careers. They have learned to adapt to please different crowds. They also value the principle of respect in business, and in life in general. Bhuneshwar said, “It doesn’t matter how good of a DJ you are, if you aren’t respectful then no one will respect you or your music.”

According to the twins, it is important to respect everyone’s taste in music at the event, but you can’t please everyone. Respecting different ages is also important to the twins’ music selection. Krishna said, “If there are younger children present, you must use your discretion.”

The twins taught themselves how to DJ. They ran their high school DJ club where they taught younger students the art of DJing and how to run equipment safely. Their first gig was a graduation party, which Krishna said went very well.

OWU appealed to the twins because of its high academic standing and the DJing opportunities it offers. When they had an overnight visit last May they talked to their Alpha Sig hosts and started making connections for their business.

So far the twins’ favorite music-related experience at OWU was Will.I.Am signing their business card.

The twins said, “Meeting Will.I.Am was such an influential experience because it has given us the motivation to improve our musical abilities, to become the best DJs we possibly can.”

In the future, the twins hope to continue DJing at OWU. After graduating they want to DJ at weddings and proms.

They look forward to upgrading their equipment and bringing enjoyment to others through their music.

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