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Club provides OWU students opportunity to volunteer with Humane Society

By Heather Kuch
Sports Editor

The Pet Pals club at Ohio Wesleyan offers animal lovers the opportunity to spend time with animals and to learn how to care for animals in need of help.

According to the OWU website, “Pet Pals is an on-campus organization that volunteers at the Humane Society of Delaware County.” They help train the dogs and socialize the cats to make them more adoptable. They also raise money for various animal welfare organizations and spread awareness on campus about different issues in the animal world.
Senior Caity Buzza, president of Pet Pals, said the organization focuses on teaching their members about all types of animals.

“Pet Pals was started in 2003 and we have about 30 members,” Buzza said. “Its goal is to raise awareness on different animal issues both domestic and exotic.”

Buzza said the group uses its meetings to plan activities on campus and to schedule trips for the club. She said they often help out at the Humane Society of Delaware County by playing with the cats and dogs.

“We try to meet weekly and often talk about event that we have coming up and where we want to go,” Buzza said.

“Members have the opportunity to volunteer at the humane society and make a difference for the animals there. They also have the chance to bring awareness to something they feel strongly about.”

According to the Humane Society of Delaware County’s website, the society is “a non-profit organization dedicated to helping abused neglected and homeless pets find their forever homes.”

The Humane Society focuses on protecting animals by conducting investigations of locations in Delaware County and also works toward informing citizens on how to take care of their pets with low-cost options.

Sophomore Mariah Bockbrader said she has considered joining the club because of her love for animals. She said she would like to find time to help out at the Humane Society at some point during this school year.

“I just have a big heart for animals and I want to help them as much as I can,” Bockbrader said. “I haven’t been able to make any of the meetings yet this year but I think that what the club is doing is great since there are so many animals out there that need help that can’t help themselves.”

Sophomore Margaux Erilane agreed with Bockbrader and said as a zoology major, she is always interested in learning more about animals and would like to help local animals in any way possible.

“My major has helped me to further my passion for animals and I would like to have the opportunity to volunteer at the shelter if it means that I would be helping out animals that are in need,” Erilane said.

“I think this club is a great idea to have at OWU because there are a lot of people on this campus who feel strongly for homeless animals and care about protecting them. This club seems like a great opportunity for anyone who needs volunteer hours and as a bonus, you get to spend time with animals.”

Freshman Shannon Hill said she is thinking about becoming a member and thinks other students should consider helping out at the shelter as well.

“I think giving attention to animals who don’t have anyone else is a really good thing,” Hill said. “I think a lot of people on campus would be interested in (Pet Pals), because who doesn’t love playing with animals? I also think the animal shelter is a place that could really always use volunteers so it’s a nice way to help.”

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  1. Lola November 11, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    I volunteered with the Humane Society in college and it was such a rewarding experience. Most of the time they just need people to help walk and play with the dogs. I personally love being around animals so it was the perfect fit for me.

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