Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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Hydration stations to increase sustainability on campus

By Liza Bennett
Transcript Reporter

Three new hydration stations have been added on campus as one of the many sustainability efforts that various members of the Ohio Wesleyan community have done to increase sustainability on campus.

The new hydration stations will be placed throughout campus in Edwards Gym, Schimmel/Conrades Science Center and the second floor of Beeghly Library. The stations should be up and running within the next few weeks.

The initiative was funded through the Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs.

Junior Erika Kazi said that after the first hydration station was such a success, they knew they needed to place more stations throughout campus.

“We discussed locations and allocated funds to B&G to pay for the hydration stations,” Kazi said. “Since it was desired by many people, it was a simple process, we all wanted these on campus.”

Senior Melissa Guziak, president of the Environment and Wildlife Club, said they were extremely excited to get more hydration stations placed throughout campus.

“The interest of E&W and WCSA, along with motivated individuals is what makes these projects possible,” Guziak said.

The Environment and Wildlife club has been engaging in multiple initiatives, like the hydration stations, to help increase environmental awareness on OWU’s campus. According to Kazi, these initiatives include composting in the student food court of the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center.

“We are also working on revamping the recycling program and are working with local businesses in a ‘green’ survey,” Kazi said. “We are always looking for ways to make this campus more sustainable. Simple things like switching light bulbs, to even bigger things like the hydration stations, we’ve got a lot of plans in action.”

Guziak said the E&W club was also merging with the Tree House to provide even more sustainability programs to students and members of the OWU community.

“Other sustainability projects going on right now include the Bishop Bike Movement, Veggie Meal, No Throw Away Week and a showing of ‘TAPPED’ the documentary,” Guziak said.

“Next semester E&W is going to be working on the community garden, further promoting the Bishop Bike Program, working on a ‘Lights Out’ campaign in the science center and creating a ‘Green Room’ program, to inspire students to make changes in their dorm rooms to live more sustainably.”

Sean Kinghorn, energy conservation and sustainability coordinator, said they are looking at ways to incorporate renewable energy on campus, and they are looking to use student’s input to help them continue their efforts.

“We’re continuing to focus on energy efficiency and conservation and waste reduction. Anyone interested in being involved or has ideas should feel free to contact me,” Kinghorn said.

The Environment and Wildlife Club meets Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in Welch Hall.

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