Monday 19th February 2018,
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Cake walk raises money for victims of Sandy

By Chrissy Wesney
Transcript Correspondent

On Sunday five clubs put on their baking aprons to make cakes to benefit and raise awareness about “The Other Side of Sandy” at a Cake Walk in the Milligan Hub.

Black Men of the Future, Rafiki Wa Afrika and VIVA put on the Cake Walk to raise money for victims in the Caribbean affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The event followed a discussion held on Nov. 29 about the impact of the hurricane on the Caribbean.

Junior Ashley Madera, vice president and treasurer of VIVA, said she thinks it’s important to focus on the Caribbean because of the lack of media coverage the area got after the hurricane.

“We all noticed that other areas outside the United States were not covered, especially the Caribbean,” she said. “This was our way of helping an area that probably will not be covered in the news in the near future.”

Sally Leber, director of Community Service Learning, works with Pwoje Espwa (Project Hope), an orphanage in Haiti, and was able to talk to them after the hurricane.

“We know from our partners down there that when Sandy went through, there was just tons of flooding and a lot of their sustainable agriculture projects were really messed up. And there were some roofs torn off too,” she said.

Clubs donated a $15 entrance fee to enter a cake in the competition.

With a small donation of $1, students were able to sample the different cakes and vote on their favorite. Sisters United’s rum cake won the taste contest, and its winning recipe will be featured in the bakery.

“We were hoping for the whole community to sign up, but five is good,” said junior Hazel Barrera, the president of VIVA,” Madera said she came up with the idea for the event after gaining inspiration from community centers that have done cake walks.

“It’s a fun way, and a delicious way, to raise money, so I thought students would really be into that,” she said.

Sophomore Mariah Powell, the president of Sisters Untied, said she participated because it was another opportunity to help hurricane victims.

“When Hurricane Katrina occurred, my mom was really big on donating (things like) water and diapers,” she said. “I felt like this could be a good way to give back on my end since it’s a new tragedy that occurred.”

Barrera said while she is grateful for all the participants this year, she is looking forward to expanding the fundraiser for next year.

“We hope to do something like this next year and gain more support from OWU students and staff,” Barrera said.

Sisters United’s rum cake recipe will be at the bakery later this week.

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