Saturday 17th February 2018,
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Phi Gamma Delta hosts ‘World Cup’ for charity

By Margaux Erilane
Transcript Correspondent

This Sunday, Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) will be hosting its first philanthropy event since the unsuccessful lawn mower races it sponsored with Delta Delta Delta sorority at the beginning of the semester.

Fiji’s World Cup will consist of a series of soccer games beginning with pool play. The top team in each pool will then advance on to single elimination bracket play. Bracket play will continue until a winner is determined. Each game will be 5-on-5 with two 10 minute halves.

According to the Facebook event page, “Substitutions can be made on the fly” and there’s to be “no bribing the ref.”

Sophomore Philippe Chauveau, the social co-chair of Fiji, said he expects there to be a great turnout with a variety of participation.

“Often, only other Greek organizations will participate in philanthropy events on campus,” he said. “I know the track team plans to sign and I’m expecting a lot of other clubs to also register.”

It costs $30 to register a team and all proceeds will go towards Fiji’s philanthropy, the American Red Cross, benefitting victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Sophomore Michael Cook, the historian of Fiji, said the Red Cross is already working with Hurricane Sandy victims providing shelter, food and emotional support throughout the Northeast.

“We aren’t splitting the proceeds between the Red Cross and Sandy,” he said. “All of the money is still going to the Red Cross; we just want to specifically help the hurricane victims.”

Sophomore Kyle Hendershot, the social co-chair of Fiji, said the event is designed so non-participants can come and enjoy it.

“It’s an open event and every one is encouraged to come whether or not they’re participating,” he said. “We’ll be accepting donations at the door. Any help for the cause is encouraged and greatly appreciated.”

Chauveau said there are a lot of prizes up for grabs, too.

“Aside from the grand prize that the champions will be awarded, we have gift cards to local restaurants and shops downtown,” he said
Cook said he thinks it’s going to be a worthy event to attend.

“It’s going to be a great competition and a ton of fun,” he said. “Everyone should make an effort to be there.”

The event is this Sunday at 1 p.m. in the Gordon Field House.

Members of Fiji will be tabling in Hamilton William Campus Center tomorrow at noon for people who still wish to register a team.

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