Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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Summer shirts in sweater weather

By Emily Lunstroth
Transcript Columnist

Since the seasons have officially changed and winter is upon us, the switch from summer and fall clothing must make the move to winter wear. Yes, heavy sweaters and hats are now needed, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your favorite gingham oxford or lightweight tee—you just have to layer!

If you are not naturally a cold weather person, layering can be intimidating—how much do you layer? Do you take it all off when you get inside? What do you do with it once you take it off? Let’s break it down item by item.

Start with a basic tank top. It will keep you extra warm and protect from any wind that may sneak through the shirt. Next is a button-down—patterned, colored, anything goes—because then you are going to put a sweater over it.

This can be any type of sweater. Just about every style looks quite cute with an Oxford underneath. But a note: if you think you’re going to want to take off layers, put on a sweater that is not as fitted and easier to get on and off.

Pull both sleeves so they are even on your wrists and then roll them together with the Oxford exposed.

There is a lot of creative freedom here—mixing colors and patterns is fun and allows you to sneak in a little more color on those super grey days.

The last item is a scarf—the chunkier the better in my book, because it will cover your entire neck and keep you protected from the harsh Ohio winds. From there you have a few more options, if you wish: a hat, vest, gloves, ear warmers and all those extra little things that depend on just how cold it is outside.

We’ve covered the top up until now. What about your legs? You can wear this layering combo with just about anything—skirt and tights, jeans and leggings, all of any color.

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