Friday 19th January 2018,
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‘I Love Female Orgasm’ entertains, educates diverse student audience

By Emily Feldmesser
Transcript Correspondent

On February 18 the “I Love Female Orgasm” event, sponsored by Sisters United (SU) and the Women’s Resource Center (WRC), was presented to Ohio Wesleyan students, male and female alike.

Hosted by sex educators Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg, the event “combines sex education and women’s empowerment with a hearty dose of laughter,” according to the program’s website, to “illuminat(e) the subject of female orgasm for everyone.”

“Events like this put women’s health and pleasure on people’s radars, and help educate all of us on healthy sexuality,” said senior Kamila Goldin, a WRC intern.

“I think programs like this are important to have because it’s a form of sex education but its fun at the same time. I think the fact that they made it fun made it more enjoyable for people,” said sophomore Mariah Powell, president of SU.

Junior Madeleine Leader, vice-president of SU, said their role in the program was marketing, student involvement and providing the financial backing.

“It wasn’t too difficult to get this program to OWU, thanks to the support of Sisters United and WCSA, who helped secure and provide the funding or else it would have been too expensive,” Goldin said.

Leader also said OWU is very open to different kinds of events, which is why it was easy to get this event to campus.

One aspect of this program was that it was a part of the Panhellenic trilogy events. According to senior Amber Callen-Ward, Panhellenic Council president, trilogy events require at least 75 percent of each sorority chapter to attend programs “that we believe will be educational or informative for our community.”

“I would say that many women were excited by the event, which can seen by the fact that all the sororities had over 75 percent of their chapters there,” Callen-Ward said.
Leader said because “Female Orgasm” was a trilogy event, attendance was quite high, but “there were so many people that came by their own volition.”

Powell said she noticed the event was so full, that students were sitting on the floor in order to be a part of the talk.

Fraternities were also required to send 75 percent of their members to this event, which the organizers were glad to see.

“I would hope that the males who attended this event learned more about the female body and they became more comfortable talking about sex,” Powell said.

Goldin said she hoped the event “underscored the importance of consent and communication in sex.”

Freshman Kristina Wheeler said she thought the event was “fantastic.”

“It put a spotlight on the often taboo subject of female sexuality,” she said.

Goldin said she thinks the information presented is important to disseminate for two reasons.

“The first is immediate: it makes life better,” she said. It makes it easier to communicate with partners. The second reason is because most cultures are horribly disrespectful to women. By focusing on female pleasure and empowerment now, we hope to affect the culture of the future.”

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