Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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Hot dog! Delaware has a new restaurant

By Brian Cook
Transcript Correspondent

Students are awaiting, with mixed reactions, the grand opening of Delaware’s newest hot dog store, The Delaware Dog. The shop will be on North Sandusky Street across from the Delaware Gazette Building.

Last week, owner Roger Ailabouni said the restaurant is about “four to five weeks out” from opening, and is still looking for a few more workers to hire before then.
The store’s specialty will be “gourmet hot dogs,” Ailabouni said, but will be about more than that.

Ailabouni said there will also be several appetizers and 19 tap beers from which to choose.

Junior Peter Reveles said having beer on tap could be an appealing idea, but would only go to the store for beer under certain circumstances.

“[It] depends on the atmosphere they create,” he said. “If it’s a German pub style sausage/hot dog place with beer, yes. A cold non-themed store, no.”

Ailabouni said he currently plans on the store being open every day from 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Senior Chris Brooks said he is not a huge fan of hot dogs, but could see himself going with his friends if they wanted to go.

“I’m not much of a hot dog eater, so it does not appeal to me too much,” he said. “The only time that it might appeal to me is late on a weekend.”

Reveles said he felt similarly, saying he would only go to the store “if they have vegetarian options”.

Ailabouni also said there will be six big-screen TVs in the restaurant where he plans on showing many major sporting events.

Sophomore Phillippe Chauveau said he probably would not take advantage of the big screen TVs, but could definitely see the idea being successful.

Ailabouni said the idea was in part to attract the younger demographics.

“We’re really looking forward to having the students come,” he said.

Chauveau said he could see the hot dog store competing with other local eateries like Hamburger Inn as a primary late-night eating option.

“OWU students are always looking for more dining options around town, especially for a late night meal,” he said. “I would say that he can expect to see at least a couple of students late at night to try it out.”

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