Thursday 22nd February 2018,
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Students sculpt to fight hunger locally

By Sophie Crispin
Transcript Reporter

Students joined Habitat for Humanity in the fight against hunger on Monday, March 4 by making and donating bowls to Habitat’s annual Soup for Shelter event.

Led by junior Elizabeth Warner and senior Haley Figlestahler, the student volunteers met in Haycock Hall to make bowls for the event. Once finished, the group donated the bowls to be sold at Habitat’s Soup for Shelter, scheduled on March 20.

This is the first year both Warner and Figelstahler have been involved with the program, which they learned about in their Ceramics 1 class. OWU students join a wide range of students, some as young as elementary school, in making bowls.

Habitat for Humanity volunteer and Soup for Shelter co-chair Emily Calvert explained what a community effort the program is.

“Students of all ages make these bowls and give them over to our Soup for Shelter volunteers, and soups are donated from several local sources, including restaurants, the community market, and retirement homes. St. Mary’s School allows us to use their cafeteria kitchen,” she said.

In its eleventh year, the Soup for Shelter fundraiser consists of selling both soup and the donated bowls to community participants. The dinner raises awareness about local homelessness and the efforts made by Habitat for Humanity, as well as funds for the Delaware County affiliate.

“Last year we raised a record $10,000 in three hours … and the funds stay right here in Delaware,” Calvert said.

The program charges attendees $10 for a meal and $15 if they want to keep their bowl. Though in her first year of participation, Figelstahler also plans to attend the fundraiser in support.

Both she and Warner appreciated the combination of community service, involvement, and creativity.

“This is a huge way to not only involve the community in a service project, but also involve local artists. It gets their work noticed and appreciated,” Figelstahler said. “People get to see works that are made from all kinds of local artists.”

Ohio Wesleyan has been affiliated with Delaware County’s Habitat for Humanity since 1989.

“We continue to have a strong relationship with OWU, where the campus chapter is very active,” Calvert said.

Soup for Shelter will take place on Wednesday, March 20 from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm at St. Mary’s School Commons, located at 60 E. William St.

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