Tuesday 20th February 2018,
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Thomson Store offers fresh new produce

By Morgan Christie
Transcript Correspondent

Thomson Corner Store now offers students a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, including blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, romaine lettuce, russet potatoes and red onions.

Freshman Haley Gerrell said she is happy with the new products because healthy options in the store were “much needed.”

Freshman Emily Romig also approves of the recent additions.

“Getting fruits and vegetables really improves Thomson Store because having options that don’t have preservatives or come in packaging that extends the expiration date by months gives all of us a chance to eat healthier,” she said.

Freshman Nicole Ebert said the products are a great addition for those who regularly eat fruit, to which she is enjoying the easy access.

While the store’s addition of fruits and vegetables did not surprise Gerrell, who said there was a lot of push for healthier items, Ebert said she was surprised by their availability.

“They had a survey sometime last semester, I think, about the C-store,” she said. “They must have really taken students’ answers seriously.”

Romig said the addition of the new items was a “welcomed surprise” which she felt was necessary. The addition of fresh berries and vegetables was a “logical next step” generated by the high demand for the fruit the Thomson Corner Store sells in a small basket at the checkout counter.

Though the selection of fruits and vegetables is starting off small, Gerrell said she thinks the Thomson Corner Store will eventually expand into more healthy food options. Ebert said she’d like to see grapes as a part of the future fruit line.

Romig, however, is content with the selection for the time being.

“The selection isn’t too extensive but after having almost no fresh produce, this is an improvement,” she said.

Ebert said the demand for the products appears to be high enough for the fruits and vegetables to remain in the store. She said she has seen a lot of students buying the fruit.

Gerrell agreed with Ebert—she said the fruit sells quickly and employees are always restocking it.

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