Saturday 24th February 2018,
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Sorority Fall Recruitment

By Jija Dutt

Thirty-three percent of women on campus are in a Greek organization, and after recruitment this fall, even more women will become part of the Greek community.

Informal recruitment, which takes place in the fall semester of every year, consists of the five on-campus sororities hosting continuous open bidding (COB) events that are open to all unaffiliated women. These events serve as an opportunity for those who wish to join a sorority to get to know current members of each house.

Senior Maddy Mavec, president of Delta Gamma, said her group’s goal each year is to host events that are enjoyable for both sisters and their guests.

“We hold three events, two of which we usually keep the same and one that changes every year,” she said. “This year we decided to have cookie decorating.”

The common goal for all of the sororities is to be able to recruit more women. Senior Kelsey Ullom, president of Kappa Alpha Theta, said “no matter the house they choose, if we are generating interest and enthusiasm in joining the Greek community, we are doing something right.”

For the past week, several COB events with various themes have taken place, including “Sweets with Delta Delta Delta,” “Cookies with Kappa Kappa Gamma,” “Summer Cool Down with Delta Zeta,” “Brunch with Kappa Alpha Theta” and “Tropical Bliss with Delta Gamma.”

Junior Megan Dill, recruitment director for Delta Delta Delta, said she attempted to make the themes more creative this year.

“When it comes down to it, the themes are not that important and are really there just to entice women to attend the events,” she said. “It’s really more about having great conversation and making connections with women who you may one day call your sisters.”

Senior Mahnoor Wali, who is currently going through the recruitment process, said she believes there are many benefits to being a part of the Greek system.

“It allows you to branch out and put yourself out there so you can meet new people and learn from your interactions and experiences with them,” she said. “It also lays important emphasis on giving back to the community through multiple events and philanthropies.”

Dana Behum, assistant director of Student Involvement for fraternity and sorority life, said each house can have a maximum of 56 members by the end of fall, so the number of bids, or invitations to join, given out will depend on the current occupancy of the sorority.

Behum added the National Panhellenic Council, the umbrella organization for the sororities on campus, is going to increase the number of bids to be given out among sororities with the maximum number of women per house increasing to 60 in the spring.

“Greek life is not for everyone,” she said. “Our goal is to help any woman who is unaffiliated to learn about Greek life and find a fit among an organization.”

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