Monday 26th February 2018,
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Hip-hop dance club steps up on campus

By Allie Le

Transcript Correspondent

This upcoming spring semester, the members of OWU Sick Steps (OSS) focus on spreading their passion for hip-hop dance throughout campus.

Their goal is to perform in Cultural Fest, Vietnamese Students Association’s Lunar New Year and Global Outreach Show this coming spring.

According to sophomore Leah Duong, president of OSS, the club focuses mainly on hip-hop. However, every member will be able to learn much from one another due to their diverse styles and different backgrounds.

“OSS’ major purpose is to promote hip-hop culture on campus and become a place for anyone who is interested in hip-hop to come and share their experience with others,” she said.

Duong said she came up with the idea of establishing the club after noticing the school did not have a hip-hop club or class for hip-hop lovers to come practice and learn.

With her fellow hip-hop lovers, Duong decided to participate in Rafiki wa Africa’s Global Outreach Show (GOS) as a dance group. As a result, OSS was formed.

The club was officially recognized on campus by WCSA and the Student Involvement Office on Oct. 11.

Sophomore Amanda Liu, one of the founding members of the club, said her experiences as an OSS member from the very beginning have been memorable.

“It is also very exciting, as we are creating history in a way at OWU, and it is very comforting to see many new members joining who also share the same passions and love for dance, and are willing to give up their own time to join the club,” she said. “After all, a club is about the people, for without the people the club would be pointless, so I am very happy to see so many people who also recognize the need for this club.”

According to Liu, the club members’ expectations are not “sky high,” since the club is fairly young. Their goal is to “establish a well-functioning club, with many interested and enthusiastic members.”

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