Tuesday 20th February 2018,
The Transcript

Letter to Editor: Conversations about race shouldn’t be one-sided

By Adam Coles

Transcript Contributor

I am saddened that I have to write this letter to you today. In your Oct. 24, 2013 issue, you printed an editorial by Noah Manskar about racism.

In that editorial, Noah expressed the following thought: “I feel it’s not a white person’s place to write such a critique either—it’s our job to sit down, shut up, listen intently, and learn eagerly.” This thought is basically the expression of the idea that white people don’t have anything to say about racism, that our commentary isn’t important or relevant to the situation, and it is this thought that I find repulsive.

Noah’s point, that white people are often blind to racism and so should listen and learn about it, is a decent one and I respect it.

That said, I cannot believe that The Transcript, a newspaper based out of a university and an institution ostensibly meant to encourage education and intellect, would allow an editorial to go to print that straight-out claims that dialogue is bad and that one group of people have no right engaging a topic as important as racism.

Next time a serious topic comes up for discussion, I implore The Transcript to not permit an editorial to try and quash debate.

I welcome Noah’s core points, for they are well put, but I ask that The Transcript encourage the discussion next time, not attempt to smother it.

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  1. Lasean Washington November 12, 2013 at 1:48 am

    I think Adam needs to wake the heck up. Racism isnt not about what white folk want to talks about. Racism is what you folk do to me and mine. You wanna hang in my crib? I dont think you do bro. If racism is what white folk tell me it is, then who gonna listen? How about a King tell me bout poverty? you know what im saying? How about a camel tell me about surfing. How about you experience what racism is adam then you get to have an opinion?

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