Tuesday 20th February 2018,
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Mindfulness retreat sponsored by Chaplain’s Office

College students deal with large amounts of stress and anxiety throughout their time in school.

However, with techniques of being mindful, that stress can be lifted.

On the weekend of March 7 through 9, the Spring Break Mindfulness Retreat will be held with facilitator Daron Larson. The retreat is being sponsored by the Chaplain’s Office.

“Mindfulness refers to a variety of techniques that use ordinary sensory experiences, thoughts, and feelings to develop specific skills of attention,” Larson said.

Tammie Edwards, chemistry lab manager, helped organize the retreat with Larson and the Chaplain’s Office; she has been practicing yoga for years and has studied with Larson.

“Mindfulness to me means constantly bringing myself back to the present moment,” Edwards said.

She also stated that she wanted to have this retreat because she “believes mindfulness is a good tool for college students to have and use.”

“The ultimate goal is to be able to be mindful in everyday activities,” Edwards said.

Edwards also said the main point of mindfulness is “practicing focus.”

Chaplain Jon Powers said that he hopes this retreat will teach students how to be “more focused and less stressed.”

“I want them to pick up a few practical strategies for cultivating attention that fit their unique needs, interests, and frustrations,” Larson said.

“It would be cool for them to leave with a better idea of the relationship between discomfort and suffering.”

Edwards expressed how she hopes to do more retreats in the future.

Additionally, she said Counseling Services is looking to start a mindfulness group.

The full retreat will cost $20 for students, but the Friday night session will be free.

During the rest of the weekend, there will be chances to practice the skills Larson will teach.

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