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Winter weather freezes renovations

Breanne Reilly ’14 March 21, 2014 News No Comments on Winter weather freezes renovations

Construction workers continued stage three of the renovations on the JAYwalk on Tuesday, March 18. Construction across campus has been stalled due to the extreme winter temperatures. Photo by Jane Suttmeier

Maintenance work and repairs to buildings have stopped cold while the winter weather caused damages to campus grounds.

Peter Schantz, head of Buildings and Grounds, said the weather limited the number of days exterior repairs could be made.

He also said the above average number of snowfalls and subsequent plowing has damaged some walkways and grounds.

“We have been inspecting these areas for damage as the snow melts,” Schantz said.

President Rock Jones said the delayed repairs are being addressed as needed by Buildings and Grounds.

“We have developed a lengthy list of deferred maintenance needs and have prioritized those needs according to the potential risk to the building and those who work and study in each building,” Jones said.

Jones said the annual budget for deferred maintenance is limited but a long-range budget model is being developed to provide more support for deferred maintenance.

Schantz said the renovations at Edwards Gymnasium, Elliott Hall, Merrick Hall and the student residential facilities will make a significant reduction in the campus backlog of deferred maintenance.

Jones said the cold weather revealed a vulnerable aspect of the fire suppression system design in Elliott Hall.

The suppression system has since been renovated and other buildings have been under inspection.

“We continue to monitor all of our buildings in an effort to do everything possible to avoid the kinds of damages suffered in the Elliott flood,” Jones said.

Schantz said there is a silver lining to the extremely cold temperatures because there have not been many leaky roofs on campus.

“Most of these problems occur in late winter when repeated freeze -thaw cycles cause ice dams. For the most part, it got cold and stayed that way all winter,” Schantz said.

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