Sunday 18th February 2018,
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Spectrum Center, scholarships receive endowment

President Rock Jones recently emailed students and staff about a donation given by Trustee Dan Glaser (’82).

The donation is a five-year endowment of $850,000 and is to be used as a scholarship for students coming from single-parent households, and also go towards the Spectrum Resource Center and the Ohio Wesleyan Fund.

“I am deeply grateful to Dan for his leadership as a trustee and for this generous gift to his alma mater,” Jones said.

“It will make a significant difference, both in the short term and in perpetuity.”

The Ohio Wesleyan Fund are scholarships that don’t necessarily go towards tuition. The money goes to resident halls, sustainable living, Day on the JAY and also provides funds for athletic competitions.

Senior Sophie Crispin, one of the student interns at the Spectrum Resource Center, said she was shocked and excited when she learned that part of the donation will be going to the Spectrum Resource Center.

Crispin said the donation will be put into an account and the center will receive its interest, so the Spectrum Resource Center’s budget will not be immediately affected.

However she said the donation will help with future projects.

“We’ll continue to do a lot of the things we currently do, but we have a couple, pretty cool ongoing projects we hope to add,” Crispin said.

Junior Kyle Simon, also a Spectrum intern, said he was very surprised by the amount of money given to the center.

“This donation will be a larger part of the Spectrum Resource Center getting more involved and planning more events for the Ohio Wesleyan community,” Simon said.

Crispin and Simon both agreed that this donation will help the Spectrum Resource Center thrive in the long term.

Crispin said the center has been funded by a donation from another trustee, Frank Quinn, but Glaser’s donation will further help to sustain the center.

Currently, the center helps with safe zone training, works with PRIDE, National Coming Out Day and other programs. The center also works to bring in speakers and artists, according to Crispin.

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