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Selby’s new field to improve quality of athletics

The  field renovations will add the new OWU  Athletics logo  to the center of the field. Photo: OWU Athletics

The field renovations will add the new OWU
Athletics logo to the center of the field. Photo: OWU Athletics

By Nicolas Palandjian
Transcript Correspondent

Ohio Wesleyan University received a donation from alumni in order to build a new turf field at Selby Stadium.

Selby Stadium, home to the Battling Bishops and the Ohio Machine, a Major League Lacrosse Team, was built in 1929.

The current turf has been a problem for many athletes at OWU, causing injuries in the past few years, according to Todd Miller, head athletic trainer.

“I tore my ACL in my knee twice, both in the same spot on the field,” said Edwin Foster, junior lacrosse player.

“It’s the random wrinkles and divots that are causing all the athletes to tear ligaments and pull hamstrings.”

The football team has also had several problems with the current turf surface, according to several players.

“There have been multiple injuries on the football team this year, including myself when I tore my meniscus,” said Mason Tomblin, freshman football player.

“New turf was supposed to have been installed over the Christmas break, but the harsh conditions kept construction from going on,” said Kyle Yberg, defensive coach of the lacrosse team.

It is known within the sports world that turf becomes less playable with harsh weather conditions and age, according to the New York Department of Health.

“The alumni who are donating have decided that it is a necessity that the school has new turf and they have made sure their money is going toward a new turf surface,” Yberg said.

The design of the field shows black end zones with the word “Bishops” in red letters.  Men’s lacrosse lines will be yellow and women’s lacrosse lines will be orange, according to pictures on the OWU athletics website.

“All the athletes, including myself, are excited about the new turf for safety reasons, but also for the design,” Yberg said.

The field will be installed before the beginning of next year, giving every team full use of it, said the athletics website.

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