Thursday 22nd February 2018,
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COW Week aims to promote diversity

The Citizens of the World (COW) house plans to promote its mission of bringing cultural diversity and awareness the week of Oct. 20.

The members of the Small Living Unit (SLU) have planned a variety of events each portraying messages the house wants to share.

“I hope for the best, but I’m just going to be passionate about what I’m personally doing and what we are doing as a house and hope that it rubs off and reflects well to others,” said junior McKenna Brewer, a new member of COW.

While the overall goal is for the house to share its message, the OWU community will also be able to communicate their own personal interpretations of these ideas through “I Stand For.” The event will allow students to make shirts that announce their personal values. According to senior and house moderator Kerrigan Boyd, “these shirts are an avenue for the campus to actively vocalize their social and cultural awareness passions.”

For those who are interested in participating in less hands on methods, two documentaries will be screened on campus during the week. The first, “In Whose Honor,” addresses the problem with having culturally offensive depictions of Native American mascots, and the issues of merchandising and appropriation towards Native American symbols and culture. The other, “The Coca-Cola Case” raises awareness about unethical actions of major corporations abroad. Both movies will be brought to campus in the hopes of spreading awareness about major social and economic issues.

COW is also planning to hold events raising awareness for education issues.

To end of the week, the house hopes to host a celebratory feast with an assortment of food from various cultures around the world and will actively celebrate cultural diversity through food.

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