Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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How to Dress Well offers inspirational, intimate music – and genuine allyship

How to Dress Well lead vocalist Tom Krell. Photo: Wikimedia

How to Dress Well lead vocalist Tom Krell. Photo: Wikimedia

By Emma Nuiry
Guest Writer

I recently had the privilege of attending a concert by “How To Dress Well” at the A & R music bar in Columbus.

The lofi electronic band is the product of the singer/songwriter Tom Krell, whose raw falsetto vocals give his music a distinct R&B sound.

Krell released his third album entitled “What Is This Heart?” last June and received critical acclaim from the popular Internet music publication, Pitchfork.

The concert itself was incredibly personal as Krell shared stories of his pet cow Doug, his hopes of having a child someday and serenaded the small crowd with a lullaby sung a cappella.

It was evident all of the songs were deeply special to Krell as he beat his chest with the music and screamed into the microphone.

The crowd consisted of mostly twenty-year-old men, which is perhaps why the greatest moment of night came when Krell immediately called out an audience member after a transphobic comment was made. This exquisite display of social activism coming from a relatively popular musician was a moment I will never forget.

Although I sadly didn’t learn any fashion tips, the concert was one of the most intimate experiences I have ever witnessed.

Sophomore Emma Nuiry is a member of the House of Peace and Justice and PRIDE.

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