Thursday 22nd February 2018,
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Student Involvement sells art collection

The Student Involvement Office (SIO) will be selling artwork to raise money for student programs the week before homecoming weekend.

The artwork being sold has been collected in the office over the years and is now being removed after a recent renovation. Performers and presenters that have visited Ohio Wesleyan University have contributed to the collection, leading to the diversity of content that will be on sale. Framed class year shirts, signed posters and student artwork are just some of the subjects framed in the pieces that will be on sale.

“The money will go towards getting some kind of special programming for students,” SIO Office manager Mona Spalsbury said. “Some of these are from the 90’s when the building was first built…Everything was professionally framed and mounted…none of it will be more than 50 dollars.”

O.A.R., Bill Cosby, Counting Crows and Ben Folds are just some of the artists and autographs featured in the sale, alongside OWU memorabilia from the ages since. Pieces range from framed posters to larger compilations of signed shirts and other artwork in clean, twenty inch or larger frames.

“If nothing else, the frames are beautiful,” Spalsbury said. “They’re huge, you could frame just about anything in some of them.”

The sale, which is the second of its kind from the SIO this year, will take place the Friday before homecoming weekend in atrium of Hamilton-Williams from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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