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A Q&A with Gary Brodek

Graham Lucas November 10, 2014 Sports No Comments on A Q&A with Gary Brodek
Sophomore defensive end Gary Brodek. Photo:

Sophomore defensive end Gary Brodek. Photo:

After losing to Hiram College this weekend,  Ohio Wesleyan’s football team is sitting 4-3. Although the defense has allowed 3 opponents to score thirty or more points, there have still been some defensive standouts.

Sophmore Gary Brodek is third in the NCAC in sacks (5.5) and fourth in tackles for a loss (10). Brodek is on track to bring home All-NCAC honors in his first season as a full starter.

The Transcript: How has Definsive-line coach Keith Rucker helped you be successful this season?

Gary Brodek: Coach Rucker has helped me understand the overall concept of our defense better.  By spending multiple days a week watching practice and game film and being able to visually see mistakes and how to correct them.

T: What’s the first step to stopping Wittenberg’s offense?

GB: I think the first step to beating Wittenberg’s offensive is just coming out and being a more physical team and playing relentless owu defense like we have played in the past.  We can use our athleticism to our advantage and get pressure on the QB, and force him to make mistakes.

T: What would it mean to be named all NCAC at the end of the season?

GB: Being named all NCAC at the end of the season would be a huge on honor.  It would show all the hard work I have put into this off season at 6am lifting and spring ball has really paid off.

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