Sunday 18th February 2018,
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Smith RAs show appreciation for Public Safety

A group of Smith RAs poses with PS Officer Jay McCann.

A group of Smith RAs poses with Public Safety officer Jay McCann. Photo courtesy Whitney Weadock

In the spirit of giving thanks, Resident Assistants of Smith Hall publicly displayed their appreciation for Ohio Wesleyan’s Public Safety department.

The RAs tabled Nov. 10-12 to gather signatures on a banner and signed cards from students in Smith Hall. Along with chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, the idea was to create a physical representation to acknowledge PS’s work.

RA Whitney Weadock cooked up the idea during a staff meeting. Last Valentine’s Day, students did a similar project aimed at acknowledging Smith’s housekeeping staff.

Ally Himes, Smith’s Residential Life Coordinator, said the housekeeping staff members were so touched that it brought one of them to tears. The RAs hoped PS would feel equally as valued.

“I think it is so valuable for us in our lives to take time to appreciate others for the work they do,” she said.

Weadock shared Himes’ sentiments.

“It was a way to bring in students from all the buildings because everyone eats at Smith and we were able to incorporate them all in thanking Public Safety,” she said. “I also led a mission trip to Nicaragua with (PS Director) Bob Wood and got to know him better that way. Hearing how much they care about the students is really incredible.

Becca Castera, a Smith RA for the past three years said the banner would be put in the PS office.

“Even though they work different shifts, they can all see it,” she said.

“I think it will be a nice message of thanks not only from the RAs but also the students they help keep safe.

“I know that as RAs, we really value Public Safety’s assistance. If there are crisis situations, Public Safety is our number one call.”

Some of the smallest things done by PS are often overlooked, said Toby Phongmekin, another RA.

“You have to understand they’re just trying to keep the safety within OWU,” he said.  “What they’re doing is making campus a better and safer place.”

RA Milagros Green, responsible for creating the banner, said.

“PS gave me a ride to Delaware’s public library when I had a tutoring job. They were also amazing helping my friend when the whole bathroom incident in Thomson happened.”

Green is referring to the incidents that occurred in Thomson and Bashford Halls two years ago when a male student, Waleed Osman, was hiding in the community bathrooms and watching female students shower. He later plead guilty to two felony charges and two misdemeanor charges.

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