Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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Fraternity undertakes DIY demolition project

The Phi Kappa Psi house on Williams Drive. Photo: OZinOH on Flickr

The Phi Kappa Psi house on Williams Drive. Photo: OZinOH on Flickr

The sounds of walls being smashed echoed from the Phi Kappa Psi house last week.

The brothers of Phi Psi demolished part of their basement last Wednesday, and continued the Do-it-themselves-renovation project through Sunday. They took down old paneling in the basement common room; in addition they took down plaster and a dividing wall in another common room on the second floor.

“It only took us about five days to complete demolition and all the brothers participated in helping,” said junior Nate Goodhart, the vice president of the fraternity. “We felt that if brothers of our house were the ones to tear down and do the demolition, there would be a renewed sense of pride in our house because we are the ones putting the hard work in, no one else”

The university was aware of all construction going on and was monitoring the demolition closely.

“The university knew that the walls were coming down and provided a 20 foot dumpster for us to get rid of the ruble,” said junior Zane Kieffer a member of Phi Psi.

According to Dana Behum, the assistant director of Student Involvement for Fraternity and Sorority Life, the men of Phi Psi are attempting to improve their living atmosphere and take pride in their house.

“These men believe in ‘sweat equity,’” she said. “They wanted to show that they were willing to make the effort to improve their space, it also has served as a positive brotherhood event.”

Buildings and Grounds and Aramark aided with the clean up of the rubble. They turned off the power in the house to make for a safer atmosphere and so the fraternity men could work at maximum productivity.

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