Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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On the brink of a national championship

Senior goalkeeper Colin Beemiller. Photo:

Senior goalkeeper Colin Beemiller. Photo:

This weekend, the OWU men’s soccer team will prepare to replicate the effort of the 2011 team by winning a D-III national championship. Seniors, Foward Colton Bloecher (right) and Goalie Colin Beemiller were freshman on the 2011 team and have been a large part of this season’s success. Bloecher won his second consecutive NCAC player of the year award, while  Beemiller earned  second team All-NCAC laurels.The Bishops will play Tufts University in the semi-final game Friday Dec. 5 in Kansas City, Mo.

The Transcript: Since you were already on the 2011 national championship team, what did you learn from that experience that you’ll apply to the games this weekend?

Colton Bloecher: The biggest thing is that there’s a lot going on at the final four that can be a bit distracting. I think it’s going to be really important for the guys to stay focused on why we are in Kansas City and what the ultimate goal is.

T: What will be different about your preparation for the NCAA semi-final? 

Colin Beemiller: The first thing we need to do is get into the tournament.  That is why these NCAC games are important.   The teams that can focus on today and not on the trophy are the teams that move on.

T: What does it mean to you to be named the NCAC player of the year for the second consecutive season?

Bloecher: It’s pretty cool to get that kind of recognition and it’s awesome to have that kind of respect within the conference, but the goal for me is always a national championship. I just want to do everything in my power to help the team get there.

T: How has it been playing with the other seniors for past few year, going from winning a national championship as a freshman to another opportunity to win one as a Senior?

Bloecher: I love our senior class and I’ve been really lucky to play with them over the past four years. We’ve had a hugely successful collective career, but we know that the job isn’t done yet. Hopefully we can replicate the effort of the 2012 senior class in 2011 and bring home our ultimate goal.

T: How has Jay Martin helped you, not only on the field but off the field as well?

Beemiller: The players.  We have good players. It took a litlle time for the team too come together, but once the kinks were worked out we started playing well. We have good players, but their role changed from a role player on the team to a main player on the team.  It took a little while too get there.

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