Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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New exhibit is uncovered at OWU

Larry Cressman talks about his art. Photo courtesy of Cole Hatcher.


Larry Cressman’s “Covering Ground” exhibit will be lining the walls of the Ross Art Museum on Ohio Wesleyan’s campus from Jan. 13 to Feb. 15.

The 3-D artwork is formed from daylily stalks, raspberry cane, dogbane and prairie dock. These natural materials are inspired by the Midwest’s fall and winter seasons.

Tammy Wallace, the assistant director of the Ross Art Museum, is excited to have a different kind of exhibit on display.

“The idea of drawing but in a physical sense is very unique and intriguing,” she said. “It adds something different.”

She explained even “Dreamscape,” one of the last exhibits on display in the museum, used branches, but was still very different than Cressman’s designs.

“It’s restrained and calculated and he knew where each one of these branches was going to go,” Wallace said.

OWU art students study the exhibits that come to the museum and use them as inspiration in the classroom.

Sophomore Abi Care Horvat enjoyed seeing the exhibit being put together, especially Cressman’s designs.

“In gallery management we pick out and hang all of the artwork in shows and design the layout of works in the museum,” she said. “This exhibit was especially cool because the only record of his sculptures are photos because he takes them all apart and arranges them differently for every show.”

When Director Justin Kronewetter and Wallace had the chance to bring Cressman’s work to the Museum, they were more than willing.

“It was an excellent choice for our students both in drawing and in 3-D,” Wallace said.

Cressman, who attended and now teaches at University of Michigan, has 15 collections around the United States.

As stated on, he has received numerous awards for his work, including Best of Show at the Michigan Fine Arts Competition and the Merit Award at the Great Lakes Drawing Biennial.

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