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Movie series begins with “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Movie poster for "Guardians of the Galaxy."

Movie poster for “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Photo courtesy of

Chris Pratt battled to save the human race alongside Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, a sarcastic raccoon and a slightly anthropomorphic tree on Thursday, Jan. 29 in the Milligan Hub.

Not that the human race was particularly at risk, but the 30-some students who attended the Campus Programming Board’s screening of The Guardians of the Galaxy felt the excitement as it played out. Students snacked on popcorn and soda while the movie was projected on a screen onstage and the classic song “Hooked on a Feeling” looped in the minutes leading up to the showing.

Guardians of the Galaxy was the first of three movies to be screened for the CPB’s Popcorn and Pix series. Maleficent and The Lego Movie will follow, on the 13th and 17th of Feb. respectively.

Students watch the start of the movie while having free popcorn and soda.

Students watch the start of the movie while having free popcorn and soda.

The event's audience shortly before the move began. Photo courtesy of Alex Gross.

The event’s audience before the move began. Photo courtesy of Alex Gross.








Levi Harrel, co-advisor to the CPB, said the movies were chosen by a CPB internal vote, and the goal was to pick movies that are “current and fun.”

“This is a unique event at OWU because every time a movie shows on campus, it’s related to a class or a cause,” Harrel said. “This is just fun.”

Sophomore Maddie Oslejsek, the director of entertainment for CPB, said the idea of Popcorn and Pix was to create a night everyone could enjoy.

“We’re running around 24/7 (at OWU), so it’s nice to have a night to relax,” Oslejsek said.

While Harrel said he hoped more students would have turned up for the first movie, he said he thinks the series will pick up speed as more students hear about the event.

In addition to giving students free access to some of last year’s hits, CPB will be handing out two tickets to Bishop Bash, a concert to be held March 28. The first tickets were awarded after the Guardians of the Galaxy showing, during which students were encouraged to tweet space puns.

Harrel said this would be the first concert at OWU since 2011.

The next CPB event will be held Thursday, Feb.5, in Milligan Hub. Students will be able to enjoy coffee, tea and pastries while watching performances by musical duos Adelee, Gentry and Two Worlds.

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