Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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Run-off elections to be held for senior class council

Those thought to be elected into the senior class council will have to continue pulling for votes from the junior class.

On Wednesday and Thursday, March 25 and 26, the senior class council elections were held. The positions on the ballot were president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Only juniors could run.

Three members of the class of 2016 ran for both president and vice president, two ran for secretary and one ran for treasurer.

Ben Miller, Brittany Spicer, and Kelly Johnson were told they won their respective postions. However, it was clear that in order to confirm these results, a run-off election must be held.

On Wednesday, Post-Grad Intern for University Involvement Hillary Fowler informed the candidates of the run-off via email.

“I apologize to each of you for the miscommunication of the announcement of last week’s election results,” Fowler stated in the email.

“There will need to be a run-off to determine the President, Vice President, and Secretary between the two candidates receiving the highest percentage of the votes.”

Sean Roskamp was elected as treasurer and will remain certain in his position since he ran unopposed.

The run-off election will be held from Wednesday April 8 through Thursday April 9. Juniors will be able to vote through the same online process through the My OWU portal.

Each of the candidates particpated in the election for different reasons. Each is looking to improve the OWU community in varying manners.

Madison Snider said she decided to run for secretary because “I felt that secretary would be fun, considering that I enjoy typing and keeping notes. I could’ve joined clubs or groups, but this to me felt like a better use of my talents and would allow me to be part of something that helps makes all seniors enjoy our last year.”

Kelly Johnson said, that as “secretary I would want to ensure that majority of the Class of 2016 attends the events being planned by the senior class council through the help of the marketing team. It is important for seniors who pay their dues to get the most out of their money and their senior year.”

Johnson also added, “The events planned by the senior class council are a fun way to bring the senior class together and I would not want anyone to miss out on this.”

Milagros Green said, “I will still be working to support the student body. I am currently trying to push for free housing over Thanksgiving and spring break for students who cannot afford to travel home and prefer to stay in their own room.”

“Our liberal arts university is a place to grow as a person, and I would love to strengthen the communication and interaction among different groups on campus to make that growth happen,” said Green.

N’Toia Hawkins, who ran for vice president, said, “I think that getting people together as a class is one thing that could be improved. They tell us that convocation and graduation are the only times that our entire class will be together, but I don’t think that these should be the only times.”

Shelli Reeves, who is in the running for president said, “I view the OWU community is a place of various people and various ideas. This makes us unique because we as a whole are leaders of tomorrow. I think that everyone has immense potential and we are welcomed to learn from each other.”

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