Sunday 18th February 2018,
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Drake Bell talks musical influences, performing at OWU

Sports editor Matt Cohen interviewed Drake Bell on Saturday, March 28 shortly before he went onstage in the Gordon Field House.


Transcript: Whats your go-to pick up line?

Drake Bell: Um, I don’t know I don’t have a favorite.

T:Who influenced you the most when going into music?

Bell: Elvis, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Lil Richard, Eddie Clarke, Stray Cats, a lot of old people.

T: Growing up, did you like music or acting more?

Bell: There’s nothing to compare to playing live on stage in front of a live audience.  It’s awesome being creative and being on a movie set, but there’s a lot of sitting around, a lot of waiting until they’re ready for you.  Working on sitcoms is fun because it’s fast passed and you do have a live audience.  But there’s nothing to compare to live performing. That’s the best.

T: Whats the coolest venues youve played at?

Bell: The coolest ones are actually in South America and Central America.  Brazil, Mexico, the latin fans take “fan” to the whole next level.  It’s the most intense and a lot of fun.

T: What were your first thoughts when hearing about the OWU concert?

Bell: That it would be awesome to come play.  I love playing, seeing new places, meeting new people.  Doing these colleges have been a lot of fun because all the people in the crowd are usually just a little younger than me.  So it’s awesome I can do whatever I want, you know? I don’t have to cater my performance toward the younger kids.

T: Have you played a lot of colleges during the tour?

Bell: Yeah a few, don’t ask me which ones.  Notre Dame, Berkeley was a lot of fun.  Yeah the college thing has been a lot of fun.

T: Have you kept in touch with anyone on Drake and Josh?

Bell: Yeah I talk to Josh all the time and I just saw Miranda the other day we went to the Children’s Hospital together.  We worked on a cartoon together not that long ago.  I’m actually working with the Dad from the show, Jonathan Goldstein, on a new project that I’m producing and he’s directing. We were a pretty tight knit group.

T: Whats coming up next for you?

Bell: Touring and now I’m doing the voice of the Flash.  Now I’m the Spiderman and the Flash, that’s pretty cool.

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